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Tips for Working for a Younger Boss

According to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive and CareerBuilder, around 69 per cent of workers (out of 5,231 workers surveyed) who are 55 years of age or above work for younger bosses. This can bring challenges to workers who are older. So, how can you prepare yourself to impress a younger boss you work for? Given below are some important tips.

Acknowledge their expertise
While working for a younger boss or manager you might be offered some fresh ideas. According to experts, younger managers have their own education and experience and they do not like to be guided or parented by someone else. It is, therefore, advisable for older workers to be open to fresh ideas and new approaches that the younger boss may want to introduce.

Use electronic or digital communication
Younger managers may not always want to interact face to face with older workers. They prefer to interact through emails, text messages, instant messenger etc. So, ensure that you are logged on to the instant messenger every morning and keep your cellular phones on for receiving text messages.

Keep the boss informed of your progress
Your younger boss has got nothing to do with your decades of experience. All that he is concerned about is that whether you complete your task on time, deliver results and overachieve. Keep a record of your current progress report and accomplishments and make sure you keep your boss informed of it on a regular basis.

Act your age
In order to impress your young boss, do not try to act younger than your age. Doing things like dressing younger or disguising yourself as a younger individual are silly things. Do not talk to your younger manager about what you did when you were in his age. Things like these will only dampen and damage your reputation in the workplace.

Upgrade your skills
This applies to all jobseekers of the present day. In order to remain competitive in the tough job market, you need to update your skills. Look for retraining opportunities and keep your skills upgraded in the workplace.

Don’t compete
You may carry decades of working experience, as compared to the work experience of your younger manager or boss. Do not act as a know-it-all. And do not try to compete with your younger boss or try to belittle him or her in front of others on the basis of your wide knowledge.

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