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Music Video Editor: Career Profile

Job responsibilities of a music editor include cutting, re-assembling and condensing film shot around a song. The job of a music video editor differs from a video editor’s job, as the former’s career focuses on the song. To become a music editor, candidates do not need specialized training in music. However, candidates need to have a technical background like an Associate of Arts in Communication and Media Arts. Your creative talent has to play a crucial role if you wish to join the entertainment industry as a music video editor.

Music video editors are responsible for creating finished pieces of audio visual entertainment. These professionals are specially trained to harmonize the multiple elements of the film shot around a song. To make the most of their careers and be successful, editors need to have a strong knowledge of editing software. Instead of having a technical background like an Associate of Arts in Communication and Media Arts, candidates can also enter the field with a Bachelor degree in Film and Digital Production.

A certification program in music video editing takes around one year to complete. For a certificate course, no electives are required. A certificate program in music video editing includes courses in storyboarding, videography, digital film editing, introduction to screen writing and entertainment technology. For advanced career options, candidates need to enroll into an Associate’s degree in Video Editing. The coursework of an associate’s degree program in video editing includes training in camera operations, field productions, video budgeting, color grading and scripting techniques.

Besides having been trained in fields like communication and media arts and film and digital production, music video editors also need to possess some other essential skills. These skills include a keen eye, an open ear and a skilled hand for telling a good story. Best video editors are those who have the excellence of bringing out the best of the technical and the artistic aspects of audio visual entertainment that sells songs and promote different bands.

Candidates looking for jobs as video editors will face stiff competition through to the year 2016. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 23,000 jobs will be added in this field by the year 2016. Employment opportunities for music video editors jobs exist with advertising agencies, movie studios and other film and television production companies.

Salary of video editors varies according to their skill and the years of experience they carry. Those who are employed at entry level job positions in the United States earn an average annual salary of $34,000. With growing experience and skill, video editors can earn a higher salary of $46,670 or beyond.


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