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Career as Veterinary Technician

veterinary technician A veterinary technician performs the same task as a nurse does. The career of a veterinary technician can be fulfilling only if you love caring for animals and do not shun from attending to them. The main responsibilities of veterinary technicians include collection of blood samples of animals, performing different tests and analysis of animals. The career of a veterinary technician actually becomes interesting when it comes to taking care of pet-owners. So, while you practice as a veterinary technician, you do not only ease the discomfort of pet animals but also try to comfort their owners. Therefore, the career gives you an opportunity to understand the behavioral attributes of animals as well as experience the bonding that exists between people and their pets.

It is actually a veterinarian under whose guidance veterinary technicians performs their task. Though at the very first look the veterinary technician career may look a bit unpleasant, it has its rewards too. The profession of a veterinary technician adds much to your knowledge. During your career, you get to know more about people, their behavior and the love that they share with their pets. The career of veterinary technician makes you aware of how different animals can react in some particular situations. At the end of the day, it will make you feel contented that you provided comfort to an innocent creature. So, you have both physical as well as mental challenges to face during your career.

The exact responsibilities of veterinary technicians may differ a little depending on the location you are practicing in. Usually, the veterinary technician would be collecting blood samples of animals, conducting numerous clinical tests, keeping the animal medical history and reporting to the veterinarian under whose supervision they are working.

Degrees/ Courses Required
To become a veterinary technician, students can enroll themselves in a 2-year associate degree which trains them in animal anatomy, veterinary technology and animal physiology. These degrees are offered at many universities and colleges across the world. Online veterinary technician courses are also a good option for candidates. If you want to be trained using live animals, you should go to a local college or university rather than earning a degree online.

Career Outlook & Salary of Veterinary Technician
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a 41 per cent employment growth rate increase in the coming years. As a result, around 29,000 posts for veterinary technicians will be created in the US. Looking at this increasing employment growth, it can be said that career as veterinary technicians will prove to be very profitable. Pet owners continue to increase in number. Therefore, the requirement for veterinary technicians is also on the rise.

The career of a veterinary technician can fetch you an annual salary ranging anywhere between $28,920 and $43,380. Landing a job in government agencies would bring higher earning opportunities.

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