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Top 10 US Universities with the Highest Number of Interns

The number of bachelor degree holders in the United States has gone up by 30% percent over the last ten years, as stated by the National Center for Education Statics. During the same period, the US population grew by 9.2% percent. In fact, the number of candidates graduating in the United States has outnumbered the growth in population.

How do graduates beat out the competition then? The best way to set themselves apart from other graduates is to complete at least one internship program from the college they attend. In the current situation, many of the US colleges are emphasizing on completing at least one internship program while going through their graduate degree.

According to a recently conducted survey, around 36.8 per cent of the 2009 graduating students participated in internships. Institutions like University of Pennsylvania and the Duke University can now boast around 80 per cent of college students completing the internship while continuing with their graduate studies.

Given below is the list of Top 10 Universities ranked in order of the highest percentage of 2009 graduates who also completed internships.

National University Bachelor’s Degrees Awarded in 2008-09 Percentage Graduating with Internship Experience
University of Pennsylvania 2,831 90
Colorado School of Mines 620 84
American University 1,384 81
Seton Hall University 1,017 76
Duke University 1,625 75
Fordham University 1,885 75
University of Pittsburgh 3,856 72
George Washington University 2,485 68
Johns Hopkins University 1,487 66
Florida Institute of Technology 449 65

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