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Tips for Successful Career Planning

Career Planning1Only you will be accountable for your career and no one else. The statement goes for most of the people living on this planet. You might have got some career planning tips from your family and friends. Or you might have not got any from them. Well, effective planning is an essential part of any program which needs successful execution. Here are some essential tips for successful career planning. Don’t keep these successful career planning tips to yourself, but also remember to share it your friends and those who seek professional help. Planning your career is not something hard to do. In fact as you follow these tips and plan your career successfully, you will surely have a positive and rewarding experience.

Fix a day or weekend for career planning annually
We perform so many activities on an annual basis. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to devote a weekend every year to career planning? If you are really serious about making your career one of the most profitable one, you can never reject the idea. Take out some time and spend it to focus your career. On your career alone!

Think what you actually like and what you don’t
The current job and the career path may not lead to the same destination. Make a list of your likes and dislikes and reflect on them. The list can include anything that you strongly like or hate, not just something related to your job. After you have prepared a list of your likes and dislikes, you can finally match your current job with these. Which column does your current job fall into? If it falls into the ‘likes’ column, things are going to be good. But if the activities of your job fall into the ‘dislikes’ column, it’s about time you began looking for new jobs and new careers.

Put your hobbies or pastimes under the scanner
Also spend some time examining the activities that you most like to indulge when you are not working. These non-work activities may not always be a joke. These hobbies and pastimes can give you some useful hints for career paths. There are countless examples where people have made great careers out of their hobbies or pastimes.

Keep building network
You never know that the contact you just made would soon invite you to a fulfilling career with them. After, you should be aware that around 50% of all jobs are obtained through different contacts or networks. So, never stop building your network. Sooner or later, it will pay.

Never stop learning
Learning should be like the show that must go on. The learning activity should always continue even as you advance in age. Keep adding to your current skills; acquire new ones so that you may be ready for a better career in future.

Keep an eye on career and job trends
For a long-term and successful career planning, you need to keep abreast of the latest career and job trends. A revision of career and job trends will make you able to market yourself well even in bad times. Be informed about the employment growth rate of the careers that you are interested in.

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