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Dos and Dont’s of Phone Interviews

Though you are talking to the employer or the interviewer over phone from the comfort of your home, phone interviews are not always as easy as you think. There are number of issues that can blow a telephonic interview as easily as in a face-to-face interview. Jobseekers need to know what they should do and they should not to achieve success during a phone interview. Given below are some important dos and don’ts of phone interviewing.

Do provide your detailed contact information in the cover letter, so that you are easily contactable by employers. Make sure the information is accurate so that employers face no discrepancy while getting in touch with you.

Do make sure that your family members and those living with you understand the important of phone interviewing in the process of your job search.

Do practice telephonic interviewing with one of your closest friends. Get a friend to call for conducting mock phone interview sessions. Practice until you start feeling confident about speaking to the interviewer on phone.

While attending a phone interview, do make sure that you have chosen an appropriate place in your house for the same. Select a place which is quiet and helps you concentrate. A calm and noise-free place will help you read and take notes easily.

Do consider standing while attending a phone interview. Though you can also talk to interviewers sitting in a chair, experts suggest it is best to speak to the interviewer standing. Talking in a standing position makes you sound more professionals as compared to a slouching position when you are sitting in an easy chair.

Don’t feel you need to fill in the air time. You may face some airtime or silences after you have completed responding to a question. If the interviewer takes more time to ask the next question, don’t start babbling on your own. Wait for the next question to answer. If the silences seem to take longer, you can also choose to ask an important question which is related to your previous response.

Don’t cough or sneeze during a phone interview. Avoid these as much as possible. In case you are unable to avoid the same, you can say ‘excuse me’.

Just because the interviewer can’t see you doesn’t mean you can eat or take anything during the telephonic interview. Don’t chew gum or eat something which is noisy while you are speaking to the interviewer or the employer.

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