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Is Your CV Well Targeted?

There’s no denying the fact that a CV has the potential to make or break your job application. It is your job application that makes the employer aware of your talents, aptitudes and skills. And CV has of course a crucial role to play. Therefore, it is essential to prepare a CV which is well targeted. Targeting a CV means tailor-making it to the requirements of the employer. The most important point to remember in this regard is that every part of your curriculum vitae directly relates to your job application. Whether it is your job skills, your qualification or your work experience, they should all be relevant to your job application.

Here, we discuss about the basic elements of a CV.

Depending on the job position you want to occupy, you need to tailor-make the objective part of your CV. It is the section where you need to tell the employer why you are actually looking for the job position you have applied for. The objectives section should make your vision and motivations very clear to the employer.

Jobseekers must be aware that skills are actually the ‘keywords’ of your job application. Therefore, you need to use appropriate descriptions for each of the essential job skills that you possess. You should remember to include all the skills that are required for the job and are possessed by you. Use skill descriptions as you find them in job advertisements.

Work History
This is another important section that can make your CV well targeted. Include your job roles and tasks in regard to the job position you are applying for. Be very careful and selective with the terminology you use to make up this part of the CV. Try to display your skills as you developed them throughout your work history.

A well targeted CV always displays achievements that relate to your target job position. It is the achievement part in your curriculum vitae that shows value to the employer. Achievements that you add on to the work history are real attractors for the employers. They show the employer what you are worth.

Provide a list of qualifications that meet the job application requirements. Sometimes, jobseekers are confused whether their list of qualifications actually match the job application requirements. Do not waste time in guessing. Get it confirmed through an email. Do not include board descriptions, mostly in case where most of the applicants will have similar board descriptions.

Targeting your CV means making each part of the curriculum vitae tailor-made to the requirements of the employer. And it is never a mammoth task to make your CV targeted to the employer needs. If you target it well with relevant content, you are hired.



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