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Six-Figure Jobs with No Degrees Required

There are many jobs that jobseekers can obtain without having a degree. Job applicants do not need to possess a 4-year or an associate degree to occupy these jobs. What is more surprising is the fact that these jobs are all six-figure jobs. They ate not a typical blue collar job like that of an electrician or a plumber. So if you do not have college degree and still wish to earn a six-figure income, you can consider these options.

Given below are jobs that can fetch you a six-figure income without requiring a four year or an associate’s degree.

Air Traffic Controller
One of these six-figure income jobs is that of an air traffic controller. There’s no doubt that this is a challenging job which requires strong memory and decision making abilities. You will need to go through months of rigorous training to join as air traffic controller. The effort, however, will be worth it. The average annual salary of air traffic controllers is around $159,000.

Nuclear Power Reactor Operator
 Another job position which can fetch you a 6-figure income without requiring a college degree is that of a nuclear power reactor operator. This job position also brings tough challenges. Before getting employed at a nuclear power plant, you will need to get licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The average annual salary for this job is $128,000.

Elevator Mechanic
Since this work can not be outsourced, there is a growing demand for elevator mechanics. People hate heading towards stairs when the elevator gets out of order. The job offers excellent job security to mechanics. The average annual salary of elevator mechanics is around $109,000.

Fire Chief
Candidates will face tough competition occupying fire chief job positions. You will need to work for several years fighting fires before you can acquire the job position of a fire chief. Even if you only have a high school degree, you can compete for this job and earn a six figure income. The average annual salary of a fire chief is $121,000.

Court Reporter
Though a court reporting job brings multiple challenges, it also offers excellent earning. It is truly surprising to note that court reporters earn an annual salary of around $100,000. If you are also planning to earn a six figure salary without completing a bachelor’s degree, this is one of the most useful options to choose. Aspiring candidates can get trained at the National Court Reporters Association. Court reporters can earn an annual salary up to $105,000.

Though you will find the above mentioned jobs stressful and challenging, occupying them can open doors to excellent earning opportunities. If you do not possess a college degree and still want to earn a six-figure salary, you can definitely consider pursuing these jobs. For many of these six figure salary jobs, you may face tough competition. However, if you have adequate work experience and possess the required skill sets, you can avail the best employment opportunities.


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