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What is a Self Assessment?

Self assessment is the stepping stone to the entire career planning process. It is essential to assess yourself for making a well informed decision about which career direction you want to choose. A career development professional helps candidates conduct a successful self assessment. While you are planning your career, a self assessment enables you to make a well informed decision. To understand the process of assessment, it is essential to know the anatomy of self assessment or what this assessment takes into consideration.

What does a self assessment look at?
When you conduct the assessment, it takes into consideration elements like your values, interests, hobbies, skills, personality etc. Tools that can be used during the assessing process are as follows.

Value inventories
Everyone has their own values. The assessment decides what values are more important to you. All these values are associated with your job satisfaction. Some of the most important values include security, autonomy, prestige, high salary, leisure time, work schedule flexibility, interpersonal relations, high pay etc. The values can be categorized into intrinsic and extrinsic values. Intrinsic values refer to what contributions you want to make to the society. The extrinsic values, on the other hand, include things like earning potential and physical setting.

Interest Inventories
Another most important inventory of self assessment is interest inventories. The questions asked in this section are based on an individual’s likes and dislikes. Different people have different hobbies and interests regarding various activities. Some of the interest may include running, reading, knitting, writing, playing golf etc.

Personality Inventories
Apart from having interests and hobbies, individuals also differ in terms of their personal characteristics and traits. The inventory includes elements like motivational drives, individual traits, attitudes and needs.

Skills Assessment
The assessment of skills does not only determine what you are good at, but it also informs what you actually enjoy doing. The most important thing to pay attention to here is that you need to select skills which include both – you are good at it and enjoy doing the same as well. The skills assessment also informs whether you need to acquire some additional skills to have a successful career.

It is through self assessment that students, jobseekers, career changers and other candidates can ensure which career will prove profitable to them. On the basis of the skills you possess, interests you have, values you hold and personality traits you carry, a self assessment makes you capable of making a well informed decision.


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