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Are There Scholarships for Single Moms?

Where to find scholarships for women, scholarships for single and working moms and other free educational resources..

Scholarships are not only available for high school students, college students and graduates, but they are also offered to moms – all types of moms including single moms and working moms. In mathematical terms, receiving an educational scholarship is directly proportional to the effort that put into researching and applying. Even as a single or a working mom, you can decide to pursue a career and fulfill your career dreams. While researching for women and mom scholarships and financial aid, it is good to be aware of the following facts about scholarships, grants and financial aid for mothers and women.

68.1% of all women students got some type of financial aid
40.5% of all women students got an educational loan
36.6% of all women students received a grant or scholarship

Therefore, women students who received a grant or a scholarship were around 1/3rd of all the women students. Not only for the young, but free scholarship money is also available for older moms aged 40 years and for all income ranges.

Every mom has a dream of bringing up their kids in the best possible ways. To earn a higher salary, women definitely need to have a good job that offers decent pay. Now getting a well paying job will require a college degree or required formal education. That is why. A number of organizations and academic institutions are offering scholarships to moms so that they can fulfill their dreams in life and career.

Additional Resources to Look and Apply for Moms Scholarships

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