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How to Get Rid of the Fear of Public Speaking

Human fear is of many kinds. But the one that heads the list of all is the fear of public speaking. According to Forbes, the fear of speaking before the public is actually the fear of being embarrassed in front of people. Oftentimes, speakers have the feeling that the audience is going to judge them and they are worried about how they going to sound while they speak. To check the fear of speaking in front of a public, it is crucial to analyze those fears and prevent them from causing anxiety.

Conquering Public Speaking Embarrassment
Public speakers who are engulfed by fear may face different problems. Some of the most common fears while giving public presentations are as follows.

Fear of forgetting the words
Fear of falling
Fear of looking strange
Fear of facing the audience’s judgment

To start with the speaker can practice giving the public presentation in front of a mirror, as many times as possible. The point is to envisage what the audience actually sees when a public speaker gives a presentation. Try to envisage a positive outcome and practice more and more. When you run through the entire talk, it enables you to become familiar and alleviates many of the fear that of looking foolish to the audience or making mistakes in front of the public while delivering the presentation.

Tips for Public Speaking
It is all a mental exercise which prepares you to give presentation before the public. If you keep on doing this exercise, it makes you more confident and you get rid of the fear. Public speakers should try to develop a positive mindset. Think not of the public as your opposition, but as a partner in the speech. All that the audience wants is that you give a great presentation. And the audience is actually wishing for it.

While speaking to a large public, imagine that you are in talk with just one person. Imagine a person who you are comfortable with. Imagine that this person is present right at the edge of the stage. And keep talking.

Fear of Speaking in Public
Sometimes the usual fear of speaking in public turns into a public speaking phobia that can affect as many as 75% of the public. This phobia can also lead to panic attacks even when the speaker addresses a small audience.

To get rid of public speaking phobia, speakers can take help from the following –

Soothing Music
Visualization Techniques

Using the above mentioned relaxation techniques can really help speakers get rid of the fear of speaking to a large public. If you are ready to handle the situation, it is never going to be a difficult task for you.


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