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Career as a Pharmacy Technician

pharmacy-technicianDo you honestly want to see people in good health? Well, the career of pharmacy technician can make your dream of seeing people free of diseases come true. What’s more, you will also be earning a good income from this professional career. You can start your career as a pharmacy technician without studying for years. Just spend a little time on your initial education and you would soon find yourself working as an assistant to a licensed pharmacist. The roles and responsibilities of a pharmacy technician may vary a little depending on the state you live in. To enter into the medical field as a pharmacy technician, you need to be active, energetic and always eager to help people improve their health. A pharmacy technician, however, should remember that he is not supposed to provide any consultation to patients regarding the medication. Counseling about medication is the responsibility of the licensed pharmacist with whom you would be working.

Roles & Responsibilities of a Pharmacy Technician
Depending on the expanse of the business you join, the duty of a pharmacy technician may vary. Be prepared to spend a good amount of time standing on your feet. The working hours of pharmacy technicians are not fixed. You may be called to work even in the evenings, in the night or at weekends. In larger pharmacies, a pharmacy technician would be measuring medications, interacting with patients and delivering them the same. A good opportunity that the career of a pharmacy technician provides you is that you can also choose to work part time as per your specific requirements. After the medication has been labeled and packaged, the licensed pharmacist will have a final look to make sure that everything is accurate.

Where would you work?
There are a number of places and departments where you can work as a pharmacy technician – retail pharmacies, grocery stores, department stores, hospitals, nursing homes, mail order pharmacies etc. Mail order pharmacies have proved to be a good option to work for. These pharmacies provide you with flexible working hours and pay you good salary.

Education & Training
An excellent on-the-job training can easily land you job as a pharmacy technician. Formal training and certifications, however, can help you make a profitable career. During your training program, you would be studying how to calculate dosage, pharmacy mathematics, pharmacy law and inventory management among others.

Career Outlook & Salary
Pharmacy technicians are in constant demand by hospitals and mail order pharmacies. Employment growth rate is expected to rise further in the coming years. Licensed pharmacists are also looking for more and more pharmacy technicians as assistants. On an average, a pharmacy technician can earn a salary of around $27,560 annually.

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