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Creating Your Personal Mission Statement

You must have heard about companies having their mission statements. Here, we are not going to discuss about companies. Instead, we will talk about how a jobseeker needs to create their personal mission statement. Though the fundamentals of a jobseeker’s mission state are similar to that of a companies, an individual’s mission state refers to what is most important and making a decision of sticking to it much before we kick start a career. It helps jobseekers identify their important career values and what they believe in.

Given below are some important steps on how to develop a personal mission statement.

Identifying past success
Review your performance over the past few years. Try to remember at least four or five instances where you had personal success. These past successes may not only be related to your work, but you can also list your achievements in your community or home. Write down all these successes. In addition, you need to figure out whether these successes revolve around a common theme.

Identifying core values
The next important step of creating a personal mission statement is preparing a list of attributes you believe in. Try to prioritize these attributes. Finally when you have listed all the attributes, your task is to narrow down it all to a list of just four to five most important attributes or core values.

Identifying contributions
How do you plan to make a difference? Prepare a list of all the ways in which you plan to make a difference. These may include making a difference to the world in general, your community, your family, your employer and your friends among others.

Identifying Goals
Based on your priorities in life, you need to set your goals. Where do you want to be? Prepare a list of all your personal goals you want to achieve. Divide these goals into two parts – short term goals and long terms goals.

Writing the mission statement
Finally it is time to write your personal statement. For this, you need to review the all four steps and then write down the mission statement on the basis of your past successes, core values, contributions and goals.

After you have written your personal mission statement, it is advisable to have someone close to look at it. You can also ask those people to provide you with some important feedback. Now, it is your duty to stick to your created mission statement. However, you can also make adjustments depending on your need.


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