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Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering

A bachelor’s degree is the least educational requirement that prepares you to start a career as a mechanical engineer. If you are really keen to enter the field of engineering and technology, you will need to obtain a bachelor’s degree at the minimum. Since there are multiple fresh jobs in this field, employers are always on the look out for candidates who possess a bachelor degree.

The bachelor degree program trains and prepares students in the application of mathematical and scientific principles using which these engineers develop and design a wide range of mechanical systems and machines that produce energy. However, to obtain research level positions in universities and colleges or for other senior level positions, candidates would need either a master’s or a doctoral degree in mechanical engineering.

Requirement of Mechanical Engineers
With the growing population and the advancement in technology, automobiles are increasing in number as well as they are using more sophisticated technology. Mechanical engineers are in continuous demand by the automotive repair industry to perform the routine check up, repair and maintenance of a wide variety of vehicles.

Degree Specifications
A bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering takes 4 to 5 years to complete. To acquire the state licensure, candidates will need to enroll into a bachelor’s degree program which has received the accreditation of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). Besides completing the accredited bachelor’s degree, candidates will need to clear two state level examinations – Fundamentals of Engineering Exam and the Principles and Practices of Engineering Examination.

The coursework for a mechanical engineering bachelor’s degree includes –

Construction Site Survey
Engineering Software
Principles of Thermodynamics
Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Dynamics
Hydraulics and Pneumatics
Mechanism Design (including kinematics and design)
Physical Science
Technological Engineering Practices
Material Engineering
Instrumentation & Measurement
Drafting, CAD & CAM

Recommended universities in the US to earn your Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering

1.University of Arizona
2.Michigan State University
3.San Diego State University
4.California Polytechnic State
5.Oklahoma State University
6.Western Michigan University
7.University of Minnesota
8.San Jose State University
9.University of Central Florida
10.Arizona State University

Today, candidates can also choose to earn their mechanical engineering degrees online. Whether you enroll into a bachelor’s degree online or via campus mode, it is always advisable for candidates to go through the course details and ensure that the bachelor degree program is approved and accredited by the state governing bodies. An accredited degree in mechanical engineering will prepare you to sit for the state licensing examination as well as reward you with a successful career as a mechanical engineer.


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