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Career in Marine Biology

marine-biologyYou must have wondered a number of times about going into the space for exploration? But, have you ever wondered to explore the riches that lie around us (or beneath us for that matter)? Under the ocean lies a huge world of aquatic animals of different species. With a higher degree in marine biology, you can get a chance of exploring this endless marine world.  But this not the only career option for those who hold a degree in marine biology. There are number of other career
opportunities that can give you an opportunity to study about the behaviour of the marine animals and how they interact with the environment.

There is a common misconception among us that while you study marine biology, all you have got to do is playing with whales and dolphins. Whales and dolphins are the only marine animals that live under the ocean. A lot lies beyond. If you are really interested in marine biology and want to make a great career for yourself, you can plan to earn a degree right from a bachelor’s and a master’s to a doctorate in the subject.

To study marine biology, you should have a strong undergraduate major in biology. Then you can go for a degree in marine biology – bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate. However, the selection of the college or university where you are going to study marine biology plays a major role in shaping your career. Before you join any college or university for that purpose, you should make all the necessary enquiries about the institution. Suppose you wish to study the subject of crab reproduction. Do make sure that the college or university you attend have people specialising in crab reproduction.

Career Options in Marine Biology

You have a number of career options to choose from when you study microbiology. If you dream to join a college or a university as a professor or a teacher, you can go for a Ph.D. in marine biology. You need a doctoral degree even to make your career as a research scientist. If you completed a master’s in marine biology, you can be offered the position of a teacher at a high school or a position at an aquarium. A master’s in marine biology also makes you eligible to become a lab technician.

How much can you earn?

As an assistant professor, you can earn anywhere between $45,000 and $50,000 dollars while as a full professor you can earn an annual income ranging between$65,000 and $90,000.  There are a number of other posts that you can apply for at universities and colleges earning a good income.


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