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How Do You Like Your Work?

People make career change decisions and change jobs when they are dissatisfied with their current job. What’s important is to ask yourself the question whether you will be satisfied with the next job that you take up. Remember, it is only you (and no one else) who will accountable for your job satisfaction. Are you going to create the same dynamics that you did in your current job? So, how are you going to design work that you actually like?

Listed below are a few questions that you need to ask yourself to find out whether a particular situation is a good match for you.

How much autonomy (and community) do you like?
How much approval do you look for to deliver your best?
How much responsibility can you actually handle?
Does the creativity the industry encourages match with your style?
Do you see opportunity and are you ambitious?
What industry do you want to serve?

By answering the above mentioned questions, you can figure out whether a particular situation fits in with your personal values and style. Contentment is never going to be provided to you; you must bring it with you. If you really want to be happy, you must know what you like.

To like your work, you need to be determined about what you are really looking for, how to choose that and stop doing what you hate.

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