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How to Make a Career in Library Science

Well, the scenario is changing. Today, a career in library science happens to be one of the best careers in America (as listed by US News). So, if you thought a librarian’s job was a quiet and unsatisfying one, you need to give it a second thought. Now, you can no more underrate librarianship or career in library science. Call the today’s librarians hi-tech sleuths, because they do not only work with printed materials. These hi-tech sleuths work more with online resources including computerized databases, internet, CDs etc. In addition, they are also responsible for organizing a variety of education enhancing programs, book discussion groups and children puppet shows among others.

Job Opportunities for Librarians
Also called information professionals, librarians mostly work with the public in pleasant surroundings as public or school librarians. These professionals can also take up library science teaching jobs at universities and colleges. Federal government departments also offer wonderful job opportunities for these professionals. Besides, some other librarians also get employed in technical support and administration.

Education Requirement
A master’s degree in library science (MLS) is the standard education requirement for becoming a librarian. US students need to make sure that the degree program they go for is accredited by the American Library Association. A doctorate in library science can help candidates acquire teaching jobs at universities and colleges.

Who is a Special Librarian?
Besides becoming public librarians, candidates can also choose to join work as special librarians. Compared to a career as public librarian, a special librarian’s career brings more benefits and career opportunities. These librarians work for a wide range of business establishments and organizations including legislatures, corporations, hospitals, law firms, prisons, military etc.

How much a career in library science can fetch?
Librarians who work at public libraries earn an average annual salary of around $48,220 whereas junior college librarians earn annually $55,900 on an average. Those who take up jobs at colleges and universities can earn around &56,160 per year. Librarians can also look forward to becoming chief information officers or library directors (as they gain more and more experience) and can earn even higher.

Library Organizations & Associations in America
American Library Association
American Library Association-Allied Professional Association

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