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Using Your Resume to Negotiate a Higher Salary

A resume is your first impression to the prospective employer. And there is no denying the fact that it is almost impossible to change the first impressions. Therefore, your resume should be made in such a way that it markets you and sells your skills. The first impression which is created by your resume should generate a sort of urgency in the employer to get in touch with you as soon as possible. It may just happen that you are losing thousands of dollars in income only because your resume is not made or written in the right way or it sells your skills short. Given below are some essential tips about winning resume strategies that will help you negotiate a higher salary.

Show the Employer that your are a High Return on Investment
As a jobseeker, you really need to convince the employer that you are going to be a high return on investment. Just throwing around phrases like ‘results oriented’ and ‘go-getter’ will not do. You need to provide some quantifiable evidence as the proof. What was your value on your last job? Mentioning the achievements from your last job on the resume always adds weight to the resume. The quantifiable evidence can be in terms of revenues, sales figures and anything that is associated with number and proves your worth.

How Wide is Your Experience?
Years of experience that you carry always has a key role to play in negotiating high salary. However, it is not only the number of working years which count. Quality is always the most important. Candidates can mention their experience both in terms of industry knowledge or transferable skills as applicable. If you worked for one specific industry, try to show to the employer the in-depth knowledge that you have about the industry. If you changed industries while staying on the same occupation, you need to show to the employer your transferable skills. You need to show the skills that you used to fill the gap between one industry and another.

Compel the Read to Want to Know More about You

If you thought the role of your job resume was just to inform the employer, you seriously need to give it a second thought. The task of a resume is certainly not to inform the reader but actually compel them to want to know more about you as they read it. Is your resume tailored to this purpose? Now, a resume that entices the reader to want to know more about you must be well written, well formatted and well crafted. The resume should not have unnecessary details which will only lose the reader’s interest. If you include too less, that also becomes a problem. So, you need to strike a balance between how much should you include and what the result will be.

Keep all these details and tips in mind about to create a resume that makes a ‘perfect’ fist impression and entices the reader to want to know more about you. By using these tips, you can definitely expect to receive job offers at the upper end of your salary scale.

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