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10 Interview Mistakes You Need to Avoid

The first impression is undoubtedly a lasting impression. You must have heard many a story about candidates who have an impressive resume, but they lack competency when it comes to making the most of an interview. Interview opportunities are fewer and fewer as the job markets gets more and more competitive. So, it is essential to polish your interviewing skills and avoid the mistakes that many of us may make during an interview. Listed below are 10 interview mistakes that we need to avoid and make the most of interviewing opportunities that come to us.

Mistake # 1: Poor or ineffective handshake
Mistake # 2: Talking too much
Mistake # 3: Talking negative about previous employers or managers
Mistake # 4: Showing up late or too early
Mistake # 5: Being rude to the receptionist
Mistake # 6: Asking about holidays, benefits and salary
Mistake # 7: Not preparing for the interview
Mistake # 8: Using verbal ticks (‘umm’, ‘you know’ etc.)
Mistake # 9: Too Much/ too less eye contact
Mistake # 10: Failure to match communication styles

So, you had a look at the 10 most embarrassing interview mistakes. Remember, just like a resume lands you interviews, good interviewing skills land you jobs. So, fine-tune your interviewing skills more and more. Practice these skills with one of your trusted friends or a close one. Keep in mind each of the 10 mistakes mentioned above. Handshakes are an important part of a job interview. Poor or ineffective handshakes can make your break your first impression to the interviewer.

Let no one talk about you as a candidate who ‘almost’ got the job. Prepare for interviews beforehand to make the most of the opportunity and win the consideration for the job. Nothing else, only practice will make you perfect.


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