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‘Cold Calling’ or ‘Uninvited Job Hunting’: The Time Tested Method for Job Hunting

As a jobseeker, you should be aware about ‘cold calling’ or ‘uninvited job hunting’. This traditional method of job hunting is time tested and proven. Particularly, when you see that around 4/5th of the job market is closed and there are no openings available, this traditional job hunting method comes in handy and proves to be very effective. Given below are the steps as to how you should go about cold calling employers or uninvited job hunting.

Compiling a List of Companies You’re Interested In
The very first step towards uninvited job hunt is to prepare a list of all those companies you are interested to work with. You need not worry if you end up making a long list of employers. While preparing this employer list, you can choose companies in terms of geographic location, specific industry, company ranking etc. For this, you need to conduct a research to find and include in the list all the employers that you have targeted.

Gathering the Names of People Who Can Offer You Job
The second most important step towards traditional job hunting is to prepare a name list of all those people who have the power to offer you jobs in a company. That means you have to call the company’s main number and get the name and title of the hiring manager who is responsible for offering you the job. You should know that a lot of hiring managers reject letters only because these letter do not address them directly. Therefore, it is important to get the name and title of the hiring manager in your area of expertise.

Writing a Dynamic Cover Letter
While applying for jobs, you must have sent a number of cover letters. Was each of your cover letters was customized according to individual requirements? Most importantly, was each of the cover letters address to a different name (hiring manager)? If you do not have much idea about writing dynamic cover letters, spend some time researching on the internet. Find out and practice how you can write an effective and customized cover letter. When you send the cover letter to an employer, attach a fresh and clean copy of your resume along with.

Getting in Touch with People You Wrote to
Many jobseekers find this fourth step of traditional job hunting the hardest. When you call the person you wrote to for a job interview, they might just say there is no requirement at present. Do not get discouraged and be persistence in your effort. If the potential employer is not ready to call you for a formal interview, you can just ask them for an informal interview. In any case, do not be pushy or harsh while talking to the potential employer. The whole idea is to get as many job interviews as possible. Even when there are no current openings with an employer, you can ask them for referrals where job openings are available.

Following the above mentioned steps consistently is definitely going to get you more job interviews. Always be ready to act and dig out job opportunities even when you see that there are no current job openings. This job hunting method is quite time tested and proved to be effective.


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10 Job Search Attitudes That Will Bring You More Interviews

No matter whether you are starting a fresh career or switching into a new career, given below are ten job search attitudes to get you more and more interviews. And remember these are not just feel-good quotes. So, read each of the job search attitudes carefully, adopt them and keep them repeating over and again.

Attitude # 1: Business firms and corporations hire without joy and fire without remorse.
Attitude # 2 : I will work for good pay, good benefits and good people.
Attitude # 3 : I will always work towards career advancement.
Attitude # 4 : My job search is a positive activity and it will always be the central part of my life.
Attitude # 5 : I will never stop looking for my next job again. (because your employer is always   looking for their next you.
Attitude # 6 : It is not disloyal to look for work when I already have a job.
Attitude # 7 : I have the ability to create an opportunity even when there isn’t an opening.
Attitude # 8 : I will be more successful if more people know about my job search.
Attitude # 9 : Helping others find work is a great way for me to my next work opportunity.
Attitude # 10 : I will search for jobs as if I don’t need one.

So, are you ready to adopt or develop these 10 job search attitudes?

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