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5 Post Interview Etiquette Tips

Most of the jobseekers feel that once they have landed an interview for a dream job, their task is over. That’s actually not the truth. If you wish to land a job successfully, post-interview etiquette is as much important as what you do during the interview. If you properly follow the etiquette tips after an interview, it ensures that the hiring manager or the potential employer won’t forget you. Following the interviewer after an interview provides you with yet another opportunity to let them feel how badly you need the job.

And if you thought post interview etiquette only meant a thank-you mail, you need to give it a second thought. Given below are some important etiquette tips that you should follow after an interview.

Thank-you E-Mail
Most job seekers do not understand the actual potential of a post-interview thank-you note, and far it can go. In this email, you need to mention your heartfelt thanks to the hiring manager and anyone who was involved in taking the interview. Express your thanks to them for taking some valuable time out to meet you. This short thank-you email also displays your strong desire for getting the job. Instead of sending an email, you can also send a note in written.

Appropriately Follow Through on Paperwork
A lot of job applicants take it as normal to walk out of the interview venue with more paperwork to complete. Don’t take the paperwork lightly. Follow through the requests to complete paperwork from start to end. It will keep you in the running for the applied job position. It is also important to ensure that the result of your interview ends in the right hands of the organization or company you aspire to work for.

Get in Touch with References
Many times it happens that someone from your network of contacts refers you to a company. In this case, it is proper etiquette to keep those references up-to-date about the interviewing process. Reaching out to references will benefit you a lot. They may recommend you to the company one more time after the interview is over. This can make the hiring manager take a decision in your favor and hire you for the job. At the same time, being in touch with your references will help you get essential job information even in the near future.

Ask Questions
What will you do if after the interviewing process is over and the hiring manager asks you to contact them if you have more questions to ask? Well, this is an excellent opportunity to contact them one more time and ask a few more questions. This is a potential opportunity. Do not lose it. You should be ready to ask them a few more questions either via phone or email. This will show your interest in the job to the hiring manager.

Be Easy to Reach
Interviewers and hiring managers prefer hiring candidates who are easily available as compared to those who are hard to contact. Even in case you don’t get the job position, your easy availability will make hiring managers keep you in mind next time there is a relevant job opening.

If you really want to beat out the competition and enhance your chances of getting a job, you should remember all these post-interview etiquette tips and follow them. These after-interview tips and guidelines are as important as your presentation during the interview.

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Top Interview Tips

A job interview is a discussion between you (jobseeker) and the employer. Considering the tough competition of the job market, it becomes utmost essential to know the rules and conventions of interviews. You should be aware that what you need to do and what you need not. Knowing the essential interview tips and rules will help candidates have a successful interview and enhance their chances of landing jobs.

Listed below are some important interview rules, interview dos and interview don’ts. Have a look.

What to do-
As a smart interviewee, look bright and attentive and dress smartly for the interviewer. It is interesting to note that around 93% of the interviewer’s opinion is formed by how you look, how you behave and how you act.

If you do not want to be too early or too late for the interview, you need to locate the interview’s venue in advance. Find out about the interview location, how to get there and how much time it will take to reach there.

It is advisable to make your interview outfit ready the night before.

Try to know about the type of interview you are going to have. Find out whether it is a one-on-one interview or a panel interview. Prepare yourself in advance.

Before answering the interviewer’s question, understand the question completely. If you do not understand a question, request the interviewer to repeat it. Take your time before you answer.

Know how to market and sell yourself to the employer. You can not assume that the employer has the positive thinking about you. It is your responsibility to compel the interviewer to like you.

Since an interview is not a one way conversation, prepare in advance a set of intelligent questions to ask the interviewer when you are given the opportunity.

What not to do-
Don’t be too early or too late for a job interview.

During an interview remember not to use slang words or do not swear. To have a successful interview, you need to tell the truth and win the interviewers trust.

Don’t smoke, chew gum, or slouch in your seat.

Don’t get into a controversial topic such as religious issues, political issues etc.

Don’t be arrogant or disrespectful towards the employer. Don’t behave in a way as if you have got the job already.

Don’t talk bad or complain about your previous employers.
Don’t get into any kind of argument with the employer, no matter what. Always answer the questions with a lot of positivity.

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