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4 Standard Interview Questions That Can Make You Shine (Or Ruin You)

Many jobseekers think that landing an interview with a potential employer is the hardest part of job search. What’s even harder is facing the standard questions asked during an interview. While sitting face-to-face with the employer or the hiring manager, you should be well prepared on how to provide apt answers to the standard interviewing questions. There are four standard questions answering which can either make you shine or ruin your chances of getting hired for a job. Have a look at these questions listed below.

Question #1. Do you have any questions to ask?
This is one of the four standard questions asked during a job interview. Job applicants may find this question an easy one. In fact, this standard question is an excellent opportunity for applicants to stir up the conversation with the hiring manager. If you can use this question to your benefit, the hiring manager will keep you in mind. When you are provided the opportunity to ask, you can ask the interviewer about how the company started and what keeps them ahead of their competitors.

Question #2. What are your weaknesses?
The next standard question that you face during a job interview is talking about your weaknesses. This is really a tough question to answer. It is advisable to be honest while speaking about your weakness. Talk about a weakness that does not ruin your chances of getting the job. For example, you can mention a weakness like being nervous while speaking in front of too many people. You will definitely have your own weaknesses. After you have mentioned your weakness, also inform the interviewer that you are trying to overcome it and improve yourself.

Question #3. Tell me something about yourself
This is another standard interview question. In most of the interviews, this is the question with which the entire talk begins. Hiring managers start the interviewing process by asking job applicants this informal question. In truth, this question is so important that it can make your break your chances of getting hired. Most of the job applicants talk about their qualifications and skills which are already mentioned in the resume. If you want to answer this question to your benefit, you should take this as ‘an opportunity to sell yourself in 30 seconds’. The best answer to this interviewing question would be to speak about the special talents that make you a best fit for the job.

Question #4. What do you know about this company?
Another standard question that the hiring manager or the interviewer asks while interviewing is what you know about their company. This is really an important question that can make you shine or ruin your chances of getting the job. The biggest mistake that many job applicants make is that do not know a thing about their potential employer. That is why, it’s advisable for applicants to do proper research on the whereabouts of the company before appearing for the interview. You can also use this opportunity to start a conversation by asking the interviewer about the business goals of the company and how they plan to achieve it.

All of the above mentioned questions are quite common in interviews. However, they can either make or break your chances depending on how you answer the questions. If you have prepared yourself well in advance to answer this interview questions, you will definitely make the most of your job interview. Don’t respond to these questions like a robot. Always try to set yourself apart from other applicants.


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How to Handle Inappropriate Interview Questions

Most of us believe that it is illegal for an interviewer to ask questions relating to religious beliefs, national origin, marital status etc. This is only a widespread belief. In most of the states, interviews are allowed to ask questions relating to these and asking such questions is not illegal. What’s actually illegal is to make a hiring judgment on the basis of the answers given to such questions. That is why, smart interviewers do not ask such questions because they know that can not factor in the answers given.

However, you may run into situations where the interviewer asks questions relating to religion, belief, marital status etc. What would you do? Possibility can be that you might already have faced such a situation. What did you do? What’s more important is what you should do. By asking such questions, the interviewer is not making an attempt to screen you out illegally. Instead, he is making a small talk. However, they may not just realize that questions like these tread on risky grounds.

It’s a tricky situation anyway. In any case, you wouldn’t like to ruin your rapport because you want to turn the interview into a successful one. If you want to make it a successful interview, you would never want to respond with guns blazing.

If you look at the situation practically, it is definitely your perquisite to make an issue of what the interviewer asks. On the other hand, it is only up to you whether you feel like fighting the battle or not.

There is one more option to the situation as well. If the interviewer raises an issue like your parenthood and relates it to your job performance, you can speak to the interviewer directly and respond with a polite answer. You might respond by saying: “I do have kids, and they’re great, but please know that there’s nothing that would hinder or interfere with my ability to work the hours required to get the job done.”

And if you smell something in the interview, you will certainly need to reconsider your employment decision.

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