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How to Use an Informational Interview for Success


Did you know you could land a job through informational interviewing? Well, if you conduct some research online, you will come to know of candidates who got a job after their informational interview. Surprised? It can happen to you as well. Conducting informational interviews with someone may also lead you to employers where there’s a matching job position available. And be sure it’s not about good luck.

Informational interviews can really lead to job search success if you conduct it the right way. There are plenty of job positions that are never advertised whether online or offline. But informational interviewing can take you to those job positions.

When you are stepping into a new career or struggling to find a new job, it is always recommended to conduct informational interviews with successful professionals and employers. Before you actually meet with someone for conducting this interview, you need to prepare yourself for the procedure really well.

If you want to make the most of informational interviews, you need to focus on three major steps, which are as follows.

#1. Prepare for the Interview Well
#2. Know What to Say & What not to Say
#3. Find out How to Get the Person to Refer you to an Employer or a Hiring Manager

The above mentioned steps are nuggets of information if you want to make the most out of informational interview. Anyone who conducts the interview has the chances of the landing an interview or a job through this effective job hunting procedure. Just equip yourself with informational interviewing tips and be ready to get the person you interview to refer you to a hiring manager. In this way, you can really penetrate the hidden job market and land your dream job even when you see no advertisements for the job of your interest.

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How Does an Informational Interview Work?

There is no dearth of literature available for getting career related information. There are books, trade publications and online resources to get information about the career you aspire to pursue. However, the potential of informational interviews in this regard is second to none. Informational interviewing offers jobseekers, career changers and students to receive first hand information about careers they have interest in. Through these interviews, candidates can get a real insider view about careers and use that essential information for career success.

Setting up the informational interview
First and foremost, candidates need to set up the interviewing. Setting up means you have to find potential and influential people who can provide you a first hand knowledge about specific careers, industries or jobs. To identify such people, you can use the entire network of contacts including your family, friends, colleagues, classmates etc. Once you have prepared the list of such people, you can send them an introductory email stating your interests, career goals and background. Informational interviews can be conducted over phone, lunch or in person. A face to face informational interview is the most advisable way of getting first-hand career information and having a feel about the job or career you are interested in.

Preparing for the informational interview
Advanced preparation is key to becoming successful at informational interviewing. Before you speak to the interview, you need to make sure that you have researched on the whereabouts of their company and the industry they cater to. You can also log on to their company’s website to do some advanced preparation for asking questions. If you want to get information on a specific career, you need to prepare asking questions like where they started, how they made the most of their jobs, what the job description and how they plan to remain competitive in that particular occupation.

Conducting the informational interview
Consider your informational interviewing no less important than a business meeting. You need to attire yourself in formal clothes and act professional as well. Ask the interviewee whether they would mind taking notes during the interview. Maintain your eye contact and listen to the professional attentively. Try to build a natural rapport during the talk to maintain relationship with the interviewee. Also ask them about some references that can provide first hand career information.

Establishing the relationship
Building a relationship with your interviewee is one of the most important parts of the entire process. Therefore, don’t forget to follow them up. After the end of the informational interview, send them a thank you note or an email expressing your gratitude for the opportunity they gave you. With the passage of time, keep them informed of you career developments. This is a wonderful way of building a long term relationship with industry professionals. You never know when they might be able to help you again in the near future.

By using the above mentioned tips, you can definitely extract the maximum of your professional meetings. Use this effective tool to expand your contacts in an industry and achieve career success.

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