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Tips to Land a Holiday Job

More and more jobseekers have started scouting for seasonal work. It is surprising to note that employers are expecting to employ fewer holiday workers. Though holiday is a good time to land jobs, you may as well face some competition landing holiday jobs. Given below are some important tips that can enhance your chances of landing holiday jobs.

Get your previous job back
According to a recent survey conducted by SnagAJob.com, there is a big number of employers who are thinking to hire employees who worked for them in the last season. The fact behind this is that if employers hire new candidates they would need to train them in the basics. So, if you did a holiday job last year, it is advisable to apply for a job at the same employer this year. That does not mean you will not consider other options.

Be flexible
During holiday sales bonanza, most of the stores remain open 24 hours. Other stores open very early. You might have noticed this recent phenomenon on holiday occasions like the Black Friday sales bonanza. So, retailers try to make the most of weird hours. The point is, if you are applying at large retailers, you need to have flexible work schedules to enhance your chances of landing jobs.

Set job alerts
While using job sites like Juju and LinkUp, you have the option of setting up fresh job email alerts. These alerts are sent to you on the basis of some specific keywords and customized locations. Jobseekers are advised to be a little more creative while setting these email alerts by selecting the right keywords and phrases. And you should always remember: the early bird catches the worms.

Think transportation
A large number of customers are expected to shop online, thereby increasing the holiday sales. And when customers place orders, the products must be shipped to the requested destination. Owing to this reasons, companies start hiring package handlers and drives in large numbers in multiple locations of the nation. Jobseekers should be ready to benefit from these job opportunities.

Don’t have high expectations
That means you should be ready to take what you are offered. You can not say ‘no’ to holiday or seasonal jobs that offer you low wages. Your holiday work experience can really add much weight to your resume. Employers prefer hiring candidates who have been active and are always finding ways to acquire new skill sets. You never know what better career opportunities the holiday job can bring to you. Continue to expand your professional contacts to receive the maximum benefits.

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Holiday Job Searching Tips

The holiday season is definitely to celebrate and make fun. However, jobseekers can avail of some rare career opportunities during the holiday season. Most of the people during holidays would be busy enjoying. As a candidate or a jobseeker, you should be ready to grab opportunities that will not be otherwise available during the remaining part of the year. Given below are some of the most important holiday job search tips and suggestions.

Networking at Holiday Parties
Celebrations or parties during the holiday season bring to you a lot of job and career opportunities that you may not be quite aware of. At parties that come in a string, you have the opportunity of getting in touch with a lot of people coming from a variety of backgrounds. However, there are some tips that you need to follow to make the most of this opportunity. Be conservative and do not consume alcohol excessively. Be casual while targeting people for career opportunities. If you become overly aggressive, you make people turn away. And finally, be prepared with your business card to handle to anyone that asks for.

Sending Holiday Cards With a Purpose
You do not need to do some extra work, as you would already be sending cards to a lot of people. Avoid cards that are quite holiday specific. While sending cards to people who may be help you acquire jobs, use simple holiday messages like ‘looking forward to seeing you in the New Year’ or ‘happy to see you this holiday season’ etc.

Working Around Vacation Schedules
As most of the people would be going out on holidays, you need fight with the hands of time. Remember, hiring has never stopped and the early bird will catch the worms. Make yourself available during the holiday season so recruiter can easily get in touch with you.

Beating Holiday Blues
During holidays, you might feel a bit lonely and depressed. So, you can create a schedule for yourself and get busy. Scheduling will give you time for your job hunting activities as well as for holiday celebrations. To make yourself busy and feel joyous, you can also become a part of the volunteer opportunities. Helping others can make you feel happy and fill you with a sense of pride.

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