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How to Make Yourself Three Times More Likely to Get Hired

According to a research conducted by the executive search industry, it has come to light that the first person interviewed gets the job only 17.6 percent of the time. On the other hand, the last person interviewed gets the job almost 56 percent of the time, which is more than three times of the first person interviewed getting the job. So, what are you thinking now? Are you really going to make yourself three times more likely to get hired?

Well, we are not going to end the discussion at that. But we will also talk about the reasons behind this interesting fact. It is probably in human nature that we are wary of or are a little apprehensive of accepting the first choice offered. Another reason can be the corporate inertia. The sense of urgency may not be strong enough when the search begins.

So, if you want to increase the your chances of landing jobs three times, you can try to position yourself among the last candidates interviewed, and certainly not being among the first. In the light of the executive search industry study, aged ads can be a good option to get interviewed among the last candidates. If you come across a help-wanted appeal, you can wait for around 10 days before you respond to the requirement.

When you get a call from an interviewer, you can try to push the day of appointment as far as possible. There are numerous other studies that have been conducted to throw more light on the issue. One study has revealed that Monday is the worst day of getting interviewed for a job whereas the worst time for being interviewed is late afternoon.

Let’s move one step further and examine some more results of researches. According to a research, around 2/3rd of the time the best qualified candidates do not get the job offer. And the people selected for the job often have less than 50 percent of the job qualifications.

Candidates who get the most job offers are intimidated least, promote themselves best and listen the maximum. In addition to having formal qualifications, strong listening skills are required to increase your chances of getting the job. To get the job offer, candidates need to give a masterful presentation. Likability plays an important role. So, you are responsible for compelling the employer like your candidacy. And when you want the employer to like you, one important thing is to listen to them attentively.

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