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What is an Event Planner?

The United States Department of Labor has classified the occupation of event planning under the title of meeting and convention planners. Though the words event planning may seem to give out a casual meaning, it is a much serious profession. First and foremost, candidates need to understand that event planning is not about party planning.

The U.S. Department of Labor defines event planning as follows –

Meetings and conventions has a common goal of bringing people together. Therefore, the main job responsibility of event planners is to achieve the purpose meetings and conventions are meant for. Whether it is the meeting location, speakers, audio visual equipment or the arrangement of printed materials, the event planners looks after it all.

Event planners work for multiple organizations, business establishments, associations etc. They organize events for their clients, depending on the requirement.

To have a successful career as an event planner, candidates should possess the following skills –

Communication skills (verbal and written)
Organizational skills
Time management
Multi-tasking and project management
Team playing skills
Budget and staff management
Public relations
Negotiation skills

If you want to pursue a career in event planning and management, you should possess a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management, bachelor’s degree in marketing, bachelor’s degree in public relations, bachelor’s degree in business administration or a relevant field.


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