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Is Making Friends with Co-Workers a Good Idea?

Workplace relationships have always been an important issue of debate. But is it a good idea to make friends in the workplace, especially with your co-workers? Let us take it from the angle of cooperating with each other. If you think of it in terms of co-operation, you will really accept that it is cooperation which defines the success or the failure of a business.

There are multiple advantages of making friends with your co-workers. First of all, it reduces the competition that every employee faces in winning the affection of the employer or the senior manager. When you are friends with co-workers or colleagues, one thing is certain that neither of you will want the other person stab in their back to get ahead in their professional career.

On the other hand, workers also need to understand the making friends doesn’t always translate to going on family picnics together or going out for dinner together. Friendship relationships, however, do suggest that you and your friend have the most interest for the employer.

Another potential benefit that friendship with co-workers brings is that you can receive help when you are lagging behind in your work or completing a specific project. Since you are friends, you can think to depend on one another for pulling through in pressure times. On the other hand, if you treat co-workers as your keen competition or adversaries, you can never expect them to help you through rough spots.

One word of advice for co-workers, looking to make friends, is that they should always try to make friends with workers of the same level. Workers should be advised not to make friends with their senior manager or boss. If you do so, everyone else in the team will soon turn into your adversaries, which is not good for professional success.

There are some side-effects of workplace friendships as well. If two co-workers have become friends, their friendship will get stained if anyone of them is promoted to a senior level position. Though the friend might not say anything, some hard feelings will always be there.

If you are planning to make friends with co-workers, the best advice is to continue with it on a professional level. However, you should be very careful with love relationships or romancing in the workplace. Romantic relationships at work hardly work out.

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