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Jobseekers’ 5 Biggest Complaints about Employers

As the period of unemployment for many jobseekers grows longer and longer, there’s a growth in jobseekers’ frustration as well. Jobseekers too have many complaints about the kind of treatment they receive from employers during the hiring process. Given below are 5 biggest complaints that jobseekers have about employers.

Complaint  #1. No response from employer even after an interview
Most of the jobseekers spend a good amount of time on preparing themselves for job interviews. They spend time researching on the company’s whereabouts and the industry it caters to. They put in a lot of hard work practicing interview skills. Even jobseekers take a day off from their employers to attend interviews. But they regret not being responded to after the interview is over.

The post-interview silence from employers annoys jobseekers a lot. Employers should, therefore, understand that the candidate is anxiously waiting for a response. Jobseekers keep waiting for a response long after decisions have been made by employers. A quick email informing the candidate that they are no longer under consideration is never too hard for employers.

Complaint  #2. Employer’s refusal to discuss their salary range upfront
The second biggest complaint that jobseekers have about employers is that the latter refuse to discuss their budgeted salary range upfront. Instead, they insist candidates for discussing their salary expectation first. By doing this, employers make an attempt to lowball the candidate. If the employer is not ready to share their budgeted salary range, they are not supposed to demand the salary requirements from candidates.

Complaint  #3. Forcing candidates using time consuming online application systems
Many employers are using automated online application systems for the hiring process. These online systems require candidates to type in all the resume information, consuming a lot of time. Though this may be good on the employer’s side, jobseekers complain about this. Which is more, employers can also miss out on many best qualified candidates who are driven away due to the online application systems.

Complaint  #4. No consideration for jobseekers’ time, but disqualifying them for the same behavior
It may really be a deal breaker if a jobseeker reaches half an hour late for an interview. But what about employers making candidates wait for long past an interview’s scheduled time? Many employers schedule telephonic interviews that do not happen at all, while the candidates keeps on waiting.

Complaint  #5. Not updating jobseekers about timeline changes
Employers inform candidates that the latter would hear by a certain date. And it is really agonizing to note that there is no word at all and that date comes and goes. It really annoys jobseekers when people do not act as they say, because jobseekers wish to work in a culture where people do what they say. This behavior from employers is not good at all. Can such a company, which does not treat candidates with respect, ever become ‘the employer of choice’.


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