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Five Most Common Mistakes That College Applicants Make

College applicants make a lot of mistakes. Most of these mistakes are quite common. Talk to a director of admission at a university and they will be able to tell you about the mistakes most of the applicants make. To save you the effort of getting in touch with an admission director, given below are some of the most common mistakes made by college mistakes.

Read on to know whether you too are making the same mistakes while applying to a college for admission.

1. Missing Deadlines
There’s no doubt that the entire college admission process with packed with various deadlines, each of which is equally important. To get success, applicants will need to remember all the dates associated with the admission process. Some of the most important college admission deadlines include application deadlines, early decision deadlines, institutional financial aid deadlines, federal financial support deadlines, scholarship deadlines and state financial deadlines among others.

2. Using a Wrong College Name in the Application Essay
The reason most of the applicants make this mistake is that they write one admission essay and use it to send to all colleges they have targeted. They just replace the college name while sending the essay to a new college of their choice. Just think, what bad impression it can make if a college receives an essay with a wrong college name. It can instantly send your application in the rejection pile. Always take your time to go through each of the application essays one by one.

3. Applying to College Online (Without informing School Counselors)
Many candidates send in their applications online. They use various online services to complete the task online. The mistake they make while submitting the college application online is that they do not their high school guidance counselors. If guidance counselors are not well informed, it can lead to a delay in mailing of high school transcript and delay in sending recommendation letters. In case the guidance counselors are unable to follow with the college your application might just end up being incomplete.

4. Waiting until the Last Minute to Ask for the Letters of Recommendation
This is yet another most common blunder that applicants make. There’s no pint in waiting too long to ask for the recommendation letters. If you are really keen on getting good letters of recommendation, you should get in touch with the person well in advance and ask them about it. It will take time to identify teachers and get the letter written from them.

5. Applying through Early Decision (when It’s not Right to Do so)
While applying through early decision, students need to sign a contract that they have applied to only one college early. There are many colleges that share their list of Early Decision applicants to cross-check. If them find you have applied to several schools through Early Decision, they will immediately remove you from the pool of applicants. So, make the decision carefully!

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