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Why Do Mid-Career Pros Need Career Counseling?

So, you are not able to decide whether you should stay there or move on? You are unhappy and stuck at work, right? It means you need guidance. If you are stuck up in situations like these, you can always seek guidance from a career counselor. Today, you can find hundreds of free career tests and career assessment tools on the internet. A career counselor or free online career tests help you deal with important issues like career planning, career change, career shift and career development. These free tests will enable you to know your strengths and weaknesses. As a result, you will be able to make well-informed decisions about your job or career.

But, it is essential to listen to the signs –

Lack of clarity about work related issues
Dissatisfaction with the current job or career
Feeling of Frustration
Lack of Motivation
Workaholism which leads to imbalance between work and life

When should you head to the career counselor?

When you are stuck up at work
When a relationship saps your energies
When you face a dilemma while making important decisions
When you have a work-life imbalance
When you are dissatisfied with your work
When there is a sharp dip in effectivity at the workplace

How does the counselor help you resolve your career crisis?

Enables you approach a crisis with objectivity
Provides guidance so that individuals may resolve the career crisis themselves
Helps individuals discover their inner self
Helps individuals identify strengths

So, whenever you face situations like these, be ready to detect the signs and head to the career counselor if you can not handle or resolve the crisis yourself.

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Career Change Tips

If you have made the decision to change career, it is definitely a courageous step. Not just anyone can change careers. It does take a lot of courage. But, while changing careers, you should also know whether it is a right decision or a wrong decision considering the current job market and employment situation. There is always a right way and a wrong way while you change careers. Given below are a few essential tips that will help you understand whether changing careers at a particular time is a right decision or not. Have a look.

  • Focus on Your Talents & Strengths
  • Conduct Research
  • Check Out Transferable Skills
  • Go Back to School to Obtain Required Certification/Training
  • Make Use of Your Professional Network

It is very essential to find out when you actually need a career change. Candidates need to find out the reasons behind a career change and then analyze them. Therefore, always remember to give it careful thought and consideration when it comes to changing careers.  However, there are many of us who are very apprehensive about a career change even after our current job has stopped serving us for a longer period. Candidates should also be quite open and ready to explore career opportunities. Because, change is the only thing which is permanent in this world. The whole point is to make sure that your decision for changing career is a right one.

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