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Career Success Tip: Track Your Accomplishments

When you achieve a target or accomplish something that brings profit to your company, you can not just give yourself a pat on the back. For instance, you acquired a new client through your inspired speech. Or you created spreadsheets that helped a lot in boosting the bottom line. Will you only give yourself a pat on the back and then forget these achievements. Not at all! To achieve career success, you need to record every single accomplishment or every small goal that you achieved. 

By keeping a record of your achievements, you can let others in the workplace know what difference you can make to the organization. Your co-workers will identify you through your work and achievements. This will be a part of your self promotion campaign. In today’s tough workplace, it has become utmost essential that you document your value to your boss or the employer.

Given below are some important tips to help you track your accomplishments –

Record it immediately
One of the most important things to remember while you start tracking your accomplishments is that you record them immediately as they occur. By recording the achievements immediately, you can easily record all the details while they are fresh in your memory.

Get it in writing
If you can gather some evidence about what you accomplished, there can be nothing better than that. Though verbal praise makes you feel nice, a written email or a written note would serve as an evidence of what you accomplished or achieved.

Quantify your achievements
It is also advisable to record your accomplishments in concrete terms. Try to get the figures and quantifiable terms that speak of your achievements louder. For instance, recording ‘landed a new client’ would carry no weight as compared to ‘landed new client bringing $48,000 to the company in the year 2010’. Therefore, always try to record your achievements in quantifiable terms.

Create a career portfolio
You must have heard artists creating their portfolio of best artwork. What about creating your own career portfolio to present it to organizations and employers? You can use the career portfolio for multiple benefits. For example, a career portfolio can help your negotiate the best salary and can be presented at interviews to set you apart from other candidates.

Tracking you achievements is essential to getting career success. Whether it is an interview, your resume, salary negotiation or a performance review, a record of your accomplishments can be effectively used for many career benefits.

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