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How to Become an Animal Breeder

If you have an interest in animal science and genetic analysis, you may consider becoming an animal breeder. As the job title suggests, these professionals are responsible for successful breeding on animals to create useful animal offspring. Breeders are expertly trained professionals who breed various species of animals for different purposes. If you have decided to become an animal breeder, you should be well informed about the job responsibilities, educational qualification and training, employment opportunities and earning.

Job Responsibilities
Animal breeders possess expert knowledge of animal science and genetics. They have the responsibility of creating animal offspring with desired traits. They can also specialize in the breeding of some specific animal species. There are some breeders that breed only livestock. There are others who specialize in the breeding of household pets including dogs, cats etc. Animal breeders who breed cattle use artificial insemination to produce useful offspring with desired characteristics and traits.

There are some animal breeders that emphasize only on purebred animals while there are others who deal with crossbreeding techniques and methods. To produce better results, breeders maintain detailed records of bred animals. These details include physical health, size of animals and the weight of animals. In addition, they also record the number of offspring each animal gives birth to. The traits of bred animals have to play an important role in the entire process.

Educational Qualification & Training
Candidates need to go for a degree program according to the type of breeding they want to do. If you want to focus on the breeding of livestock and large animals, you will need to possess a bachelor’s degree in animal science, animal husbandry or a relevant field. If you plan to breed only household animals or small pets, an associate degree in animal science or relevant training is required to kick start a career in this field. Courses required to become an animal breeder include animal physiology, animal anatomy, animal diseases, genetics, traits, characteristics etc. In addition to completing the degree and training programs, professionals also need to keep themselves abreast of the technological advancement taking place in animal and veterinary science. Candidates are also advised to regularly read journals and magazines that focus on animal sciences and the techniques of animal breeding.

Career Prospects
As commercial farmers continue to demand useful breed of animals, job opportunities for animal breeders also continues to grow. The employment growth rate for these jobs will be slow, increasing at 3% from the year 2006 through to the year 2016. Job positions will also be on the rise due to a large number of professionals reaching their age of retirement or leaving the field for other reasons. There will be no dearth of employment opportunities for professionals who are well qualified and carry relevant working experience.

Annual Salary
The salary of an animal breeder varies depending on the work location, employer and the years of working experience. The average annual salary of these professionals is around $42,000. As the breeder grows in experience and chooses to specialize, they can earn a higher salary.

So, if you have a strong passion for breeding a variety of animals to produce offspring with useful traits, you can always consider becoming an animal breeder. At the same time, you need to successfully adapt to the animal behaviors. Patience, motivation and detail orientation are some other skills you will need to make a successful career in this field of animal science.


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