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Best Jobs for College Students [Part II]

You might have read the first part on best college students. In this post, we will know about 5 more best jobs for college students. All the jobs mentioned in the earlier post and here suit students the best. When employers hire candidates they prefer those who already have some real world experience, apart from those good grades. So, these college student jobs give students the opportunity to acquire some professional world experience while they continue with their studies in college. Let’s have a look at some more best jobs for college students.

Lab Assistant
The job of a lab assistant can really provide students with research experience that most of the employers look for. So, if you wish to kick start a career in the field of laboratory sciences, you can always go for this job. You find a part time lab assistant’s job both off campus and on campus. Many colleges also offer campus lab jobs as part of their work study programs.

Professor’s Research Assistant
An easy but useful job opportunity for students is to seek the position for a professor’s research lab assistant. While assisting the professor with the research work, college students do not only learn and acquire skills, but they develop an advantageous connection with the professor as well. What’s more the professor’s recommendation can really help you a lot in your professional career later. The professional connection may also bring better business and job opportunities to students.

Home Health Aide
Are you aspiring to make a career in the field of healthcare? If the answer is ‘yes’, you can also take up the part time job of a home health aide. By working with an elderly and taking care of them, you can really gain some useful insight and experience in patient care. This experience can help you land home health aide jobs in the healthcare industry as well.

While in search of part time student jobs, you can also check out working opportunities with the school paper or with the campus publication. The experience that you gain doing the writing at these places can really look good on resume if you are planning a career that requires good communication skills. Students can also find a lot of writing and editing work online.

Bank Teller
Yet another best part time job for college students is that of a bank teller. A bank teller’s job provides flexibility to students. The part time job helps students acquire some customer services experience that can be useful in their career later.

While taking up any of the above mentioned part time jobs, college students should remember to select an option that has relevancy with their chosen career path. If the job is relevant to your future career, you are definitely going to benefit from these real world experiences.

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Best Jobs for College Students [Part I]

There are some of the best jobs that really look good on a student’s resume. Today, students are not only required to obtain good grades but need to have some professional experiences as well. Hiring managers are looking for candidates that are already trained in the basics of life on a job. Given below are the best jobs for students that not only add weight to the student’s resume but also offer decent pay and work around class schedules quite well.

On-Campus IT Support Job
These work study jobs prove to be one of the best for college students. They help students acquire some real world experience while they continue with their education. Technology services work train students on how to solve technical problems. On campus IT support jobs prove to be convenient and are quite lucrative that those unpaid off-campus internships.

On-Campus Career Services
It is quite obvious that students find it hard to acquire professional world experience while working to obtain good grades. Working in career services enables students to become aware of the job hunting procedures and provides them with comfortability while conversing with employers and recruiters.

Paid Internships
This is really one of the best jobs for college students who want to gain professional world experience and expand the working world connections. What’s more if the job matches the career you wish to pursue there’s nothing better. Paid internships also help decide students whether a career is actually right for them. And students not only acquire knowledge and real world experience but they are also paid while taking up paid internships, truly one of the best for college students.

Unpaid Internships
This is one of the best options for those students who are not actually looking to fill their wallet. The good news really do not care or ask you whether you were paid or not during that internship. All that matters is how much real world experience you can gain. Summer internships and part time internships are some of the best options for students. Unpaid internships are definitely going to pay off later in your career.

Waiter or Waitress
This is honest and hard work. A hard work history informs employers that you do not take things for granted. While working as waiters or waitresses, you can gain a lot of real world experience as well as earn a decent income. Definitely, the waiter or waitress’ jobs are one of the best for college students.

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