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America’s Best Careers 2009-2010 [Part–II]

You might have heard about hundreds of careers while on a job hunt or through your career planning process. But do you know which America’s best careers are? These careers (listed below) happen to be the best in America, because they bring highest job satisfaction, require least difficult training, are very prestigious and offer the highest pay. In terms of staying power too, these careers happen to be the best. So, if you are planning to get enrolled in a new degree program or deciding to choose a career path, you definitely need to take a look at these highly satisfying and best careers in America.

A career in fundraising proves to be a very fulfilling one. The job of a fundraiser is not all about asking people for money. Basic job responsibilities of a fundraiser include writing letters, writing grant proposals, making telephone calls and organizing events for raising money. Much of a fundraiser’s time is spent on training and motivating volunteers.

Urban Regional Planner
There’s been a continued increase in the employment growth rate of urban regional planning jobs. Job responsibilities of an urban regional planner are to plan, develop and implement plans for the appropriate and advantageous use of land, contributing towards community growth.

Computer System Analyst
Also known as the computer system architect or computer systems designer, system analysts work for a variety of organizations installing computer systems, upgrading and developing systems to increase employee accessibility.

Today’s librarians are hi-tech sleuths. These professionals work more with non-print and online resources including computer databases, CDs and internet. Librarians also organize various education programs, book discussions and children puppet shows among others.

Management Consultant
Management analysts or management consultants are in great demand by companies and organizations. These professionals perform research, analyze and collect data while working on a client’s project. They recommend ways to improve an organization’s profit.

Higher Education Administrator
While you obtain the job position of a higher education administrator, you would be holding a number of management and administrative responsibilities in colleges and universities. No doubt, the beautiful college surroundings are one of the best and will always stimulate you.

Physical Therapist
America’s Wall Street Journal’s Career Journal has rated the physical therapists’ career among the best. As a physical therapist, you can choose to work at hospitals, physician’s office, physical therapy clinics and patient’s home.


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America’s Best Careers 2009-2010

Jobseekers should be aware of the most fulfilling career options while trying to establish their career. Being informed about profitable careers and latest job trends pays a lot while looking to kick start a career that proves useful to you, both personally and professionally. Given below are some of the best careers in America. Have a look and check out whether you are interested in any of these America’s best careers.

While you choose this career option, you will be required to take care of adults and children who suffer from impaired hearing and use hearing devices. It will be really a good feeling to help people improve their life. You might also be a part of a research team working on the next generation of hearing aids.

Biomedical Equipment Technician
Who is to be thanked for those heart monitors and ventilators working properly for patients in hospital bed? It is the duty of biomedical technicians to ensure that these equipment and others, that are used during a surgical operation, function properly.

Curriculum/ Training Specialist
If you want to join the field of education and yet not get into teaching a classroom, the curriculum specialist’s career may be just perfect for you. As a curriculum or training specialist, you will be doing text book and curriculum selection at schools. You may also train teachers, develop training programs and recruit instructors.

Genetic Counselor
It is one of those healthcare professions where around 90% of the professionals are satisfied with their job. Genetic counselors perform diagnosis work on a patient’s or family’s genetic history and work in close contact with physicians and medical geneticist.

The job of a hairstylist ranked no. 1 in a recently conducted British job satisfaction survey. It is one of those careers where you are supposed to make almost everyone happy. Exceptions may be those that say : What have you done to my hair?

Health Policy Specialist
Errors made by medical providers take the lives of more than 100,000 Americans every year. Around 47% of the people in America are uninsured. Health policy experts or medical policy experts have the responsibility of reinventing healthcare.

Landscape Architect
Do you know that you can make a great career in landscape architecture by becoming a landscape planner, a landscape manager, a landscape scientist or a garden designer? As a landscape architect, you would be designing zoological gardens, hill resorts, golf courses, gardens and parks, residential areas, walkways, gardens, public parks etc.

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