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Make Up Artists : Occupational Career Profile

How do actors and program presenters look so natural on the screen? Well, all the credit goes to make up artists for their great artistic capabilities and efforts. Whether it is a movie production, a television production or a theatre production, make up artists has an important role to play. If you really like to be artistic with air brushes, foundations, eye shadow, sculpting wax, concealer and mascara, you can decide to pursue a career in make up artistry.

Educational Requirements
There are hundreds of professional schools and colleges across the United States offering associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree and undergraduate certifications in subjects like make up artistry, cosmetology, theatre, stagecraft etc. While you get enrolled in a degree program or a certificate program, you get training in special effects, master make up artistry, studio makeup etc. Equipped with a degree in make up artistry, cosmetology or stagecraft, candidates can land jobs in film and television productions and the fashion and glamour industry.

Make Up Artistry Courses
There are many specialties in this field. While you decide to pursue a career as make up artists, you can choose an area according to your interest. Courses or degrees can be obtained both online and via campus mode.

Some specialties in the field of makeup artistry are as follows –

Glamour Makeup
Performance Makeup
Film Makeup
Television Makeup

Interested candidates can decide to choose any of these specialties. Before you start attending a makeup school or a college offering make up artistry and cosmetology degrees, always remember to check out the accreditations of the academic institution.

Getting Paid
To work with prospective clients, you should possess a good portfolio. Remember, this is one of those industries where you need to market yourself and know how to get on with people. Earning or pay rates of make up artists vary depending on the field they work in and the portfolio they have built. A maximum number of these artists work on a freelance basis. On an average, a junior make up artist can earn £184 per day whereas a makeup designer prosthetic can make £279 per day. Commercials pay the highest wage. Top level make up artists who regularly work for fashion shows earn around £3,000 per day. Read about make up artistry courses and degree programs.


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