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5 Bad Bossing Behaviors – and How to Handle Them

Are you one of those employees that fall prey to bad bossing? Well, difficult bosses may be quite easy to come by but extremely difficult to handle. You must have watched bad bossing behaviors on the screen. But when it comes to handling big bosses in real life, you need to be very well prepared. Rather than giving in to bad boss’ annoying habits, you can make their weaknesses your strengths.

Read on to know how to five extremely annoying habits of bad bosses and how to handle them.

1. Micromanaging
Micromanagers prove to be quite annoying in the workplace. What if your boss focuses on quantity over quality? There are bad bossing examples, where bosses focus more on the number of calls made by a sales representative. This is really an annoying habit. You can handle such a micromanager by over-communicating, sending frequent emails etc.

2. Changing Expectations Rapidly
There are multiple examples of bad bossing behaviors where bosses are prone to wildly inconsistent demands. It can really annoy you when you are faced with rapidly changing expectations from your boss. While faced with such an annoying boss, you need to ask them ask them questions and carefully take notes about their expectations and project deadline.

3. Being Absent When You Need Them
Disappearing bosses are really quite annoying. You are waiting for a response to your email, and guess what happens. You emails remain unanswered for days. You need to get a document signed and your boss is nowhere to be found. Isn’t it really irritating? These types of bosses fall into the bad boss category. They are absent most of the time when you need them.

4. Sharing Excessive Information
Many bosses are prone to sharing too much information. When they begin, they may take an entire hour talking, which can also be a reason of absent mindedness. Suppose, you have something very urgent to discuss and your bad boss begins – ‘You know they have found a wood plank on the Mars’ and then continue with it. Your plus point with such bosses is that you get plenty of face time. Handle such bosses by diplomatically bringing the conversation ‘back to work’. You can suddenly start saying “Oh, before I forget…”

5. Taking Credit of Others’ Work
You will come across bosses who would try to take credit for your work. This is one of the most annoying bad behaviors from one’s boss. The best idea to handle such bosses is to bring up the project in a group setting where other seniors are present. You can start saying ‘Our group has done XYZ’ and ask for opinion on your efforts from others.

While doing jobs, you will come with multiple bossing behaviors, some of which will really be extremely annoying. If you are ready with some essential tips, you can be successful at handling such bosses. On the other hand, you will also face unethical behavior and bad bossing situations where the best solution would be to plan your exit. And the final decision is always yours.

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