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How to Become an Art Director

Modern day advertising has become more complex and smarter. Today’s ads require both writers and artists to handle the responsibilities of a project. Art directors are those professionals who coordinate all these efforts, oversee the entire advertising project and ensure that the entire work is completed as per the provided guidelines and budget. These professionals are well versed with both managerial tasks and the artistic aspect the ad being created. Art directors are responsible for creating ads that do not only catch the consumer’s attention but also bring considerable profit. Below, we discuss about the job duties, educational qualification and training and the career prospects of this profession.

Job Responsibilities
The profession of an art director happens to be one of the most profitable careers in the field of graphic arts and design. However, the career also entails challenges. The key challenge is to complete the ad project keeping in the mind budget and other specific requirements of clients while at the same time making the ad as attention-grabbing as possible.

Art directors work with a wide variety of clients who belong to multiple industries and businesses. When they start work on a new project, they sit with the client to understand their business goals. After comprehending the specific requirements of clients, they come up with innovative ideas to make the advertising projects successful and generate profits for business owners. To create the ad and complete the project efficiently, they work closely with copywriters, illustrators and graphic designers. They coordinate and supervise the entire project to create ads and print materials with a unique concept. They are responsible for creating ads that fulfill the business goals of clients and generate profits.

These professional create attractive and eye catching ads both for print and online media. They make extensive use of computer to complete their projects. At first, they create a layout for the ad project. Once the client approves the design and look of the ad, the work begins. The art director then uses all the resources in the department to complete the advertising project within the given deadline.

Educational Qualification & Training
To become an art director, candidates need to possess an associate or a bachelor’s degree in graphics design or other relevant field of creative arts. At the initial stage of their career, most of the art directors start working as a graphics designer. Advertising agencies offer multiple entry level job positions in this field. With growing experience and creative arts skill set, candidates will be promoted to the upper level job position of art director.

Job Skills
To remain competitive in the field of art direction and become successful, candidates also need to possess some essential job skills. These skills include excellent communication (both oral and written), organizational skills, people skills, creativity, artistic skills, multi-tasking, an ability to see the larger picture and the capability to work odd hours.

Annual Salary

The average annual salary earned by art directors is $76,980. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, art directors earned a median annual wage of around $63,740 in the year 2004. Those who are employed in advertising or public relations earn a higher average salary of $80,170 annually. With increasing experience and getting promoted to senior level positions, creative arts directors can earn an annual income as high as $108,090.


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