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Career as Archivists : Overview, Education & Salary

ArchivistWhether it’s a museum, a zoo, an educational institution or a historical site, archivists can land a job at any of these places. But before you decide to take up the career of an archivist, you should ask yourself whether you would love working at museums and historical sites. If you find yourself to have an avid interest in this the field of natural history and museology (study of museums), archivist can just be the right career option for you. Major duties of archivists include the maintenance of historical documents and participating in multiple research activities associated with the subject of archiving. Not only at museums or other historical sites, but archivists can make their career by joining academic institutions and federal agencies too.

The career of an archivist demands a lot of loyalty and dedication, as you would be responsible for the safekeeping of historical documents, works of art and craft, fossils, rare manuscripts, historical relics etc. If you though that your archivists career would only include the maintenance of historical documents and artifacts, you need to think again. A host of challenging tasks may also be included in your duty or work profile. Archivists are also involved in organizing lectures, workshops, tours etc. In this case, you would be in close contact with the boards of many an academic institution. So, are you ready for this career? Or, do you want to know more? Read on!

Educational Background
With a bachelor’s degree in history or library science, you can easily kick start your career as an archivists. However, those who aspire higher ranking or more respectable positions like that of a museum director, you will need to obtain a degree in archival science from an accredited college or university. A master’s or a doctoral degree in natural history can get you the post of a curator. Additional certifications like ‘Certified Archivists’ (conferred upon by the Academy of Certified Archivists) can help candidates a lot in the advancement of their career.

Archivists Job Outlook

Employment growth rate for archivists, museum technicians and curators is expected to increase as fast as the average of all occupations through to the year 2012. Jobs will be added both in the public sector and private organizations. More and more archival science professionals are required for museums and zoo attendance. Rising public interest in science, arts and history also increases demands for archivists.

Salary of an Archivist
Whether you want to become a curator or an archivist, abundant opportunities are waiting for you. After the completion of your training programs, you can decide to begin your archivists career at academic institutions, zoological gardens, federal/ state government agencies, historical organizations etc. The average salary of an archivist is around $40,730 per year.


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