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How to Become an Anthropologist

The study of anthropology deals with human relationships, linguistics, ways of life and the physical characteristics of people. Becoming an anthropologist is the right career path for candidates who have a strong passion for understanding and explaining the socio-cultural behavior of human beings across the world. In the year 2008, around 6,000 anthropologists and archeologists were employed in the United States. Read on to know the job responsibilities, educational requirements and career prospects in the field of anthropology.

Job Responsibilities
Anthropologists play an important role in increasing the awareness about similar and diverse human behavior in response to the challenges societies bring. They help societies to promote the understanding among people of various backgrounds across boundaries. Through their research and explanation, they provide effective solutions to a wide range of human problems as well.

The main job responsibility of anthropologists is to study human societies the world over. They perform their study with regard to legal system, political system, religion, language, education, healthcare etc. In simpler words, they conduct extensive researches on the lifestyle and cultures of people from a variety of backgrounds and spheres of life.

Educational Requirements
A master’s degree in anthropology is the minimum educational qualification required to become an anthropologist. Those who aspire to occupy research level jobs in universities and colleges need to obtain a doctoral degree in anthropology.

Job Skills
Since anthropologists will be collaborating on research and getting in touch with people of a variety of cultures, they should possess excellent communicative skills, both verbal and written. Perseverance, interpersonal skills and interviewing skills are other key requirements to make the most of your anthropologist career.

Employment Opportunities
Plenty of job opportunities await candidates in the field of anthropology. Job opportunities for anthropologists are available with universities, colleges, museums, tourism departments, town planning, social work, law enforcement, healthcare, communication journalism etc. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a faster employment growth rate for anthropology jobs through to the year 2018. Those who possess a master’s degree and relevant working experience will benefit from excellent employment opportunities. Anthropologists can also become self employed providing their own consultancy services, the job position being termed consultant anthropologist.

Annual Salary
Salaries of anthropologists will depend on the educational qualification, working experience, work location and the nature and size of the employer. In the year 2008, anthropologists earned a median annual salary of $53,910. As you acquire more work experience and obtain advanced qualifications, you can earn a higher salary.

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