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How Will You Turn Volunteering into a Job?

Charity is not the only motive of people who choose to volunteer. There are many who engage in volunteering activities to build networks. There is no doubt that volunteering has benefited many in a number of ways. By getting involved in volunteering activities, jobseekers can not only broaden their professional network but can also learn multiple skills to be used later in their careers. Therefore, candidates should not take volunteering as simply a way to get busy. You need to understand how volunteering can bring you benefits for your professional career.

Over the last few years, people’s interest in volunteering has increased. People who have been suffering from job loss fear that they are losing out of essential skills development. So, more and more people have turned to volunteering. Jennifer Wescott, a volunteer coordinator, advises volunteers to gain from this experience. According to Wescott, you never know who you are going to meet while volunteering and how it may lead to bringing you career benefits.

Most of the professionals, aged under 35, are motivated to volunteer because of the networking benefits. There are many jobseekers who have gained by volunteering. Candidates are advised to get involved in volunteering activities that are relevant to their field of study. The work you do as a volunteer can really add a lot of weight to your resume as well. Today, more and more employers are looking to hire candidates who already have some real world working experience. And volunteering is a great way to do that.

Anyone can choose to volunteer. Whether you are a jobseeker, a student, a career changer or a working parent, all can benefit from getting to volunteer. There are jobseekers who manage time to volunteer between job interviews. Candidates should learn how to maximize the benefits of volunteering for turning it into a job. There are multiple examples where professionals worked their ways up into full time positions by volunteering. There are also many examples where people, who chose to volunteer, did not come to establish professional network. They just did their tasks, impressed people and worked their ways up into full-time job positions. While volunteering, you never know what happens next.

Volunteering can really prove to be a boon for those who are unemployed. What is important is that you give the time volunteering requires from you. Even if you are searching for jobs, you should try to find time to get busy volunteering. Candidates should target small non-profits while looking for opportunities to volunteers. Usually, small non-profits are lacking both in staff and resources. Jobseekers, students and other candidates can easily target these non-profit organizations and get busy with volunteering activities they offer.

If you really want to work towards advancing your career, you need to choose volunteering activities that enhance your skills. For example, you may think to fill out water pitchers at hospitals. But if you are planning to advance your skills, you should try to find a volunteering activity that relates to your field of study. For example, if you are pursuing a career in the healthcare industry, you can plan to volunteer at hospitals, nursing care facilities, clinics. In this way, you will not only advance your skills but will also have an opportunity to network with healthcare professionals.

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