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Getting Ready to Work Overseas

A lot of candidates plan to find volunteering opportunities and work overseas. Considering the fierce competition of the job market, it is essential for jobseekers to do the preparation beforehand. Preparing yourself to work overseas in advance and finding jobs internationally will require practice and planning. First of all, it is important to know what essential areas you need to focus on to ready yourself.

Five important areas you need to concentrate on to get ready for working overseas include –

1. Practical preparation
Practical preparation refers to addressing practical issues. These will include getting health validation, acquiring work visa, passports, customs requirements, checking the medications, criminal and legal checks and embassy information. You need to ensure you complete each of these appropriately so as to avoid any future discrepancies.

2. Having plenty of advance time
Whether you want to volunteer or find work overseas, it is important to have plenty of time in advance. The work culture would certainly vary depending on the country you are going to work in. There are some foreign countries where bureaucracy can be a problem for jobseekers. If your work project overseas will take more than a year, you need to start preparing a year in advance. In case the work project is of less duration (under a year), preparation needs to start 6-12 months in advance.

3. Creating checklists
Use the benefits of creating checklists to the fullest. Preparing a checklist of things you are going to need overseas will ensure you do not miss out on any important task or thing. Whether it is an issue that you need to address or a thing you need to do overseas, you need to include all the essential things in the checklist. Get all the things on the list done one by one.

4. Raising the required fund
Whether it is about volunteering or working overseas, you will need to raise the fund. Calculate the cost that it will involve. Traveling along with a family member will increase the cost strikingly. Consider all the aspects of your journey and working or volunteering overseas. For raising money, you can use resources like friends, family members, neighbors, local churches, businesses, community service groups and newspaper publicity.

5. Getting ready for the culture
Visiting a foreign country to work will also add a lot to your education and experience. Therefore, you should be ready for the cross-country culture you are going to experience. While in a foreign country, never ever try to make assumptions or challenge the cultural norms. Do your research in advance and gain an insight into the culture you are going to be a part of. While working overseas, always pay respect to the local culture, customs and traditions.

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How to Choose a College Major

What’s a college all about? Well, it is all about knowing how to choose a major, plan a career and get education to fulfill your future commitments. Of course, there are students who are actually aware of the college major they want to choose and their career ambition. But, there is a large number of students out there that are not well prepared when it comes to choosing a college major. Finally, when they arrive on the college campus, they just rush into a decision. The very first piece of advice for these students is – don’t panic.

Surprisingly enough, most of the students in colleges change their college major at least once in their career while there are some others that do it many times. It is, therefore, very essential to choose a career path which is an ideal one for you. Career planning is a long process. So, students should be ready to devote as much time to planning it as possible.

1. Do not just rush into a decision when it is about choosing a college major. In order to plan an appealing career for yourself, you need to examine your talents and skills and make an assessment of your interests. Today, there are a number of free career assessment tests and tools available on the internet to help you. These free career tests enable you to make a well informed decision about your career.

2. Try to know about what you value most in work. It is very important to be aware of your personal values. How do you want to make an impact on the people’s lives? How do you wish to contribute towards the growth of the community? Important values include contributing to the society, working under pressure, working independently or in group, stability, security etc.

3. The third important point is to explore career opportunities. Various college and universities also offer resources through which you can explore careers and occupations. Besides knowing about specific occupations, you should also do some research to know the future trends for these careers and occupations. You can also make use of various career exploration tools.

4. Next most important thing is to perform a reality check. Are you really interested in the healthcare industry and becoming a doctor? Ask yourself other questions like this and try to figure out what advanced degrees you require to fulfill your future commitments. You will come across multiple hurdles while doing a reality check. It may happen that you are interested in the field of human resources but your father wants you to step into the field of engineering. Just be realistic and try to overcome these obstacles.

5. The final step is definitely to narrow down your choices to be able to focus on choosing a college major. On the basis of the self assessment that you did, you can get an idea about what interests you and what does not. Decide about the careers and majors that you are interested in.

Resources You Can Use For Choosing a College Major
College’s course catalog, Professors, Classmates, College’s alumni, Family and friends, College’s career centre etc.

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What Do Career Aptitude Tests Measure?

Career aptitude tests are meant to measure your mental development and intellectual abilities. They make you aware of how well you can perform under a given situation. Today, you have multiple resources to analyze your aptitude. You can find a number of such career tests on the internet, both paid and free services. By taking these tests, candidates come to know about their capability to comprehend instructions and then apply their previously acquired skills and knowledge to make good inferences. These tests tell you how you will perform in your future.

Career Aptitude Tests vs Attainment Tests
The aptitude career test, as mentioned above, analyses your general capabilities for predicting your future performance. Though these tests are a part and parcel of all psychological assessments, they vary from one group of people to another. Aptitude tests differ for people belonging to different cultural groups.

On the other hand, an attainment test is different from an aptitude career tests. Attainment tests are meant to measure your academic achievements. They are used to predict your achievement in different subjects including social studies, science, mathematic etc. Attainment tests do not differ in terms of people belonging to different cultures.

Aptitude Tests vs IQ Tests
How do you know whether you are a genius, an average or an idiot? IQ tests are designed to test how you have developed mentally. Though aptitude tests also do the same thing, they measure your intelligence for predicting your future performance. In most of the cases, an aptitude test may be the same as an IQ test. Owing to court’s rulings, however, aptitude tests do not use the term IQ or do not interpret the IQ scores as the result of an aptitude test.

Your Encounter with an Aptitude Career Test
Before you start taking the aptitude test, you will be given a solved practice test paper. First of all, you need to understand the requirements of the test. After this introductory preparation, the tester will provide you with a long questionnaire, containing multiple choice questions. You will need to answer all the multiple choice questions within the provided time limit. Do not worry if you are given a maximum number of questions to answer. They are given to candidates to test their capability of handling stressful situations. Both your accuracy and speed are tested through the career aptitude test.

What Characteristics Do Aptitude Tests Analyze?
If you take an aptitude test, you will come know about your ability to perform your role in future. These tests analyze some of your most essential characteristics. These are as follows.

  • Logical Thinking and Analytical Skills
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Leadership Skills
  • Comprehension and Communication Skills
  • Capabilities you can work upon and improve
  • Your Hidden potentials that you can use to perform your role

Psychological testing companies have also developed job-specific career tests. Specialized career aptitude tests assist employers a lot in selecting the right candidates for specific job positions. For candidates, these tests have to play a crucial role in determining the right career path. Jobseekers, students and career changers need to take these aptitude tests seriously to become successful in their careers.


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Questions to Consider When You Start a Job Club

As a jobseeker, you should not have any doubt about the limitless benefits networking brings. One of the finest networking opportunities is available to you in the form of a job club. By joining or starting a job club, you not only bring yourself at a wonderful networking platform but also get a support group. A job club is also referred to as a job finding club or a networking club. Whether you are homemaker wanting to return to work, recent college graduates or a career changer, being associated with a job club can really being you a lot of benefits.

Before you start a job club, here are a few questions to ask yourself.

Where should you meet?
If you are really determined to start a job club, there will be no dearth of venues to meet and bring together the members of the club. At the very beginning, you can also decide to meet at member’s residence. If you meet at a member’s house, you can also bring some refreshments and goodies in turn at each meet. If a private home looks short, you can choose to meet at a community hall, local library, place of worship or at a restaurant.

How many members are required to start a job club?
You can start with members counting anywhere between 2 to 30.

How often should club members meet?
It is good to have members meet on a weekly basis. If it is difficult to find a place to conduct the meeting every week, you can also consider having a meeting once a month. To cover the long gap, you can also get in touch virtually and conduct the activities. You can use emails and phones to connect with one another and conduct the activities.

Should some fees be charged?
Fees can be charged only in case there are expenses incurred. For example, if you rent a space for conducting the club activities, you can charge some fees from the club members.

Who should be the leader?
One who has founded the job club can lead the group. Or, the leader can be any club member who has good leadership skills and experience. It is also a good idea to rotate the leadership from one member of the club to another.

What rules and guidelines do you need to set?
Rules should be set as per what members decide. You can also decide to set some formal rules to deal with difficult members, to make sure that discussions are on track. A job club may have some limitations. And the guidelines should be set in the light of requirements.

What activities are conducted at a job club meeting?
There are diverse possibilities and benefits that a job club brings. At the meeting, there can be support groups as well as a think tank. The whole idea behind starting a job club is to share with one another job experiences, job search skills, interviewing skills, career experiences etc.


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How to Become a Geographer

Who studies the physical and cultural phenomena and examines the environmental features? These tasks fall under the responsibility of geographers. These professionals are responsible for providing people knowledge about the environment. So, geographers collect and examine the environment features, both locally and globally. Depending on what they study and examine, geographers can be categorized into – economic, physical, cultural, urban and regional geographers among others. Each of these geographers has typical job responsibilities to perform.

To do their work efficiently, geographers also use a special technology called the Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The GIS technology is helpful when geographers need to create computerized maps marked with population growth, traffic, natural resources, weather patterns etc. On the basis of this information, geographers provide advice to governments for road development, house developments and landfill projects.

Depending on their preferences and areas of interest, geographers can also choose specialization fields. So, aspiring candidates can choose to become one of the following.

Political Geographers
Cultural Geographers
Physical Geographers
Urban and Transportation Geographers
Regional Geographers
Medical Geographers

Training & Educational Requirements
To become a geographer, the standard educational qualification required is either a master’s degree in geography or a doctoral degree in geography. Specialized training in subjects like mathematics and statistics is also required to be successful in this geographical field. Computer proficiency is also essential to perform work geographers do. In addition, these professionals need to keep themselves updated on the latest technology. Internship and field experience provide valuable experience to geographers.

Career Prospects in Geography
Excellent job opportunities await geographers who have higher educational qualifications and carry relevant experience. A GIS background provides candidates an extra edge over others. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment growth rate for geographer jobs is expected to increase at 6% from the year 2006 through to the year 2016.

Annual Salary of Geographers
Salaries of these professionals vary depending on the work location, the specialization area and the years of experience they carry. Those with an experience of 1-4 years earn an average annual salary of around $44,000. Geographers carrying 5-9 years of experience earn a salary of around $50,000 annually. The salary range increases with growing skill set and experience.

Tip: Do remember to subscribe to ‘The Professional Geographer’. In addition, you can also log on to the official website of the American Association of Geographers. On this website, you can get valuable information about various career possibilities as a geographer.


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Happy New Year 2010

Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.

May this new year bring you invitations of lively parties, appointment letters of best jobs and proposals from the one about whom you have spent the last year dreaming of !

Happy New Year 2010!

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Resume Writing for Teenagers

Find out how teenagers need to prepare their resume, how to write it effectively to attract the attention of employers and what things needs to be included in the resume. Since teenagers have very little or no working experience, it becomes very important to write an effective resume. Even when they have a few month’s experience of doing some internships or summer or other seasonal jobs, it needs to be included in the resume quite professionally. Right from your name and e-mail to your objectives and other description in the resume, everything should be done in a quite professional way. The video below provides you with more tips and suggestions on how to write a professional resume for teenagers while applying for jobs.

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