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Photographic Equipment Technician

Job responsibilities of a photographic equipment technician include dismantling and repairing of a variety of equipment used in the filed of photography. Whether it is cameras, lenses or projectors or other photographic equipment, these technicians are expertly trained in the repair of all these. Depending on where they work, photographic equipment technicians may also specialize in repairing a specific brand. If it is a smaller shop, technicians may be responsible for repairing a wide range of photographic equipment. On the other hand, those who are employed in larger shops specialize in repairing equipment of a particular brand.

To perform their work, photographic technicians use an array of hand tools including jeweler’s screw drivers, files, wrenches, micrometers, microscopes, digital voltmeters, electronic timers, optical measuring devices, soldering instruments, microscopes and gauges among others. Technicians are specially trained in the use of the all these tools for repairing photographic equipment.

Education & Training

There are several private vocational schools and community colleges that offer training in photographic equipment repair. Those who possess a working experience of 3-5 years and are well qualified land jobs easily with employers. A solid background in physical sciences and electronics theory is also beneficial to make the most of your career. Many employers also provide on-the-job training to newly hired candidates.

Job Skills
Patience and persistence are key to make the most of your photographic equipment technician career. Besides, candidates need to have excellent communication skills (both verbal and written) to interact with customers and clients on a regular basis.

The earning of a photographic equipment technician depends on the years of experience they carry and the size and type of the employer. Technicians who carry an experience of 3-5 years earn an hourly rate ranging between $9.00 and $17.00. Those who are employed in larger shops or companies will have added employee benefits. Some of these technicians also work in shops on a percentage share basis and charge an agreed-upon percentage of the amount charged to the customer.

Job Outlook
The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an employment growth rate as fast as the average of all other occupations, from the year 2002 through to the year 2012. With the increase in population and family and amateur photography, the demand for photographic equipment technicians also increases.

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