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Highest Paying Sales Careers in the US

The field of sales is all about getting a product into the consumer hands. A sales career involves marketing and other business skills required in this occupation. In terms of pay, sales career vary both by industry and the level of job position you obtain. US offers candidates multiple sales career opportunities. But what are the highest paying sales careers in the United States? Below, we talk about all the sales career options that pay the highest in the US.

1. Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
These sales positions are available in the pharmaceutical companies. Obtaining the sales position requires candidates to establish relationships with physicians, pharmacists and hospital personnel among others. To successfully do this sales job, candidates do not only need to have sales skills but also a strong knowledge about the products that the pharmaceutical company deals in. The career happens to be one of the highest paying in the US, as it involves long period of selling while on the road bringing challenges of maintaining a balance between personal and business life.

Pay for this Sales Career
According to Payscale, the median high salary offered to pharmaceutical sales representative is around $68,836 annually, the highest paying in the sales field.

2. Account Management Sales
The second highest paying sales career in the US is that of account management sales. Account manager of sales are responsible for directing the sales program of an organization. Career opportunities for this sales position are available across a wide range of industries. Typical job responsibilities of these sales professionals include developing training programs for sales representatives and achieving the company’s sales target.

Pay for Sales Career
According to Payscale, the account manager of sales receives a median salary of $47,730 annually, the second highest paying in the US.

3. Wholesale Manufacturing Sales
The third highest paying career in sales is offered in wholesale manufacturing sales. These salespersons can also find employment opportunities across a range of industries that deal in wholesale manufacturing of products. These salespersons spend a lot of time on participating in tradeshows, trade exhibitions, conferences and product development meetings. Wholesale managers are responsible for establishing long-term relationship with clients in order to continue selling products to the latter in future.

Pay for this Sales Career
According to Payscale, salary offered for this highest paying career in the US is $40,000 annually.

Though a career in sales brings a lot of challenges, it also offers most rewarding career opportunities for aspiring candidates. If you have a strong passion for selling and possess the essential job characteristics, you can definitely make it big in this occupation. Just obtain the required education and obtain the necessary sales techniques to choose from a range of highest paying sales careers. Customer relationship and public speaking skills are essential to make a successful career in the field of sales and marketing.

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Consumer Scientist Career Profile

The main role of consumer scientists is to serve as a link between consumers and manufacturers. Consumer scientists are responsible for conducting researches on tastes and the requirements of consumers. On the basis of the result of these researches, consumer scientists counsel manufactures on how to improve the quality and design of consumer products and increase the popularity of the brand. To become a consumer scientist, you need to be well informed of where to start, how to get trained and what career prospects await you in this field.

Job Responsibilities
Consumer scientists have to play a crucial role in the understanding the consumer behavior and provide useful insights to manufacturers. For example, those working in the food industry may use the consumer behavior to know their preferences and design new dishes to attract consumers in large numbers. Apart from conducting researches on consumer behavior, these scientists may also be involved in a variety of other tasks.

Consumer scientists also work for the marketing division and conduct market research to provide their valuable insights to marketing professionals. They help marketing professionals perform essential tasks like packaging, advertising, product campaigning etc. Quality assurance is another key area that consumer scientists work in. Their responsibility is to ensure that all products meet the quality standards and legal requirements are fulfilled appropriately.

Other key areas where consumer scientists have an important role to play include consumer advice, catering, public relations and providing advice on healthy living. The job responsibilities of consumer scientists may vary a little from one industry or organization to the other. Researching, writing reports and conducting experiments will always be the major responsibilities for these professionals.

Educational Qualification & Training
To become a consumer scientist and have a successful career, candidates should possess a degree in marketing or consumer science. Students must make sure that they get enrolled in an accredited degree program. Courses that students need to take include subjects like public relations, marketing, advertising, writing, business management and economics. Writing courses will be very helpful, as consumer scientists will need to write reports on a regular basis. A typical training program in consumer science will include consumer studies, food science and technology, consumer product management, food and consumer management, psychology, marketing etc.

Job Skills
Besides possessing a degree in consumer science or marketing, candidates also need to possess some essential skills to make the most of their careers. These include good verbal and written and communication skills, excellent research skills, people skills, presentation skills, analytical skills, leadership skills, decision making ability, problem solving skills and IT skills among others.

Employment Opportunities
There is no dearth of opportunities for candidates who have a relevant degree and working experience. Jobs can be landed in industries like food manufacture, retail, public relations and marketing agencies, education, journalism, catering, research bodies and advisory organizations among others.

Annual Salary
The salary of a consumer scientist may vary depending on the type of the employer or industry and years of working experience. In the initial phase of your career, you can earn an annual salary ranging between £17,000 and £22,500 a year. Management positions can fetch a higher annual salary of up to £50,000 or beyond.

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