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Jobseekers’ 5 Biggest Complaints about Employers

As the period of unemployment for many jobseekers grows longer and longer, there’s a growth in jobseekers’ frustration as well. Jobseekers too have many complaints about the kind of treatment they receive from employers during the hiring process. Given below are 5 biggest complaints that jobseekers have about employers.

Complaint  #1. No response from employer even after an interview
Most of the jobseekers spend a good amount of time on preparing themselves for job interviews. They spend time researching on the company’s whereabouts and the industry it caters to. They put in a lot of hard work practicing interview skills. Even jobseekers take a day off from their employers to attend interviews. But they regret not being responded to after the interview is over.

The post-interview silence from employers annoys jobseekers a lot. Employers should, therefore, understand that the candidate is anxiously waiting for a response. Jobseekers keep waiting for a response long after decisions have been made by employers. A quick email informing the candidate that they are no longer under consideration is never too hard for employers.

Complaint  #2. Employer’s refusal to discuss their salary range upfront
The second biggest complaint that jobseekers have about employers is that the latter refuse to discuss their budgeted salary range upfront. Instead, they insist candidates for discussing their salary expectation first. By doing this, employers make an attempt to lowball the candidate. If the employer is not ready to share their budgeted salary range, they are not supposed to demand the salary requirements from candidates.

Complaint  #3. Forcing candidates using time consuming online application systems
Many employers are using automated online application systems for the hiring process. These online systems require candidates to type in all the resume information, consuming a lot of time. Though this may be good on the employer’s side, jobseekers complain about this. Which is more, employers can also miss out on many best qualified candidates who are driven away due to the online application systems.

Complaint  #4. No consideration for jobseekers’ time, but disqualifying them for the same behavior
It may really be a deal breaker if a jobseeker reaches half an hour late for an interview. But what about employers making candidates wait for long past an interview’s scheduled time? Many employers schedule telephonic interviews that do not happen at all, while the candidates keeps on waiting.

Complaint  #5. Not updating jobseekers about timeline changes
Employers inform candidates that the latter would hear by a certain date. And it is really agonizing to note that there is no word at all and that date comes and goes. It really annoys jobseekers when people do not act as they say, because jobseekers wish to work in a culture where people do what they say. This behavior from employers is not good at all. Can such a company, which does not treat candidates with respect, ever become ‘the employer of choice’.


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Tips to Land a Holiday Job

More and more jobseekers have started scouting for seasonal work. It is surprising to note that employers are expecting to employ fewer holiday workers. Though holiday is a good time to land jobs, you may as well face some competition landing holiday jobs. Given below are some important tips that can enhance your chances of landing holiday jobs.

Get your previous job back
According to a recent survey conducted by, there is a big number of employers who are thinking to hire employees who worked for them in the last season. The fact behind this is that if employers hire new candidates they would need to train them in the basics. So, if you did a holiday job last year, it is advisable to apply for a job at the same employer this year. That does not mean you will not consider other options.

Be flexible
During holiday sales bonanza, most of the stores remain open 24 hours. Other stores open very early. You might have noticed this recent phenomenon on holiday occasions like the Black Friday sales bonanza. So, retailers try to make the most of weird hours. The point is, if you are applying at large retailers, you need to have flexible work schedules to enhance your chances of landing jobs.

Set job alerts
While using job sites like Juju and LinkUp, you have the option of setting up fresh job email alerts. These alerts are sent to you on the basis of some specific keywords and customized locations. Jobseekers are advised to be a little more creative while setting these email alerts by selecting the right keywords and phrases. And you should always remember: the early bird catches the worms.

Think transportation
A large number of customers are expected to shop online, thereby increasing the holiday sales. And when customers place orders, the products must be shipped to the requested destination. Owing to this reasons, companies start hiring package handlers and drives in large numbers in multiple locations of the nation. Jobseekers should be ready to benefit from these job opportunities.

Don’t have high expectations
That means you should be ready to take what you are offered. You can not say ‘no’ to holiday or seasonal jobs that offer you low wages. Your holiday work experience can really add much weight to your resume. Employers prefer hiring candidates who have been active and are always finding ways to acquire new skill sets. You never know what better career opportunities the holiday job can bring to you. Continue to expand your professional contacts to receive the maximum benefits.

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10 Fastest Growing Jobs Through to 2018

This is time again to focus on potential job opportunities, as the dismal job market of 2009 almost comes to a close. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected fastest growth for 10 jobs through to the year 2018. Over the next decade, job opportunities will be plentiful for professions including biomedical engineer jobs, registered nurses jobs and home health aides.

So, are you ready to make the most of these fastest growing job opportunities? Let’s begin focusing on these top 10 jobs again and enhance our chances of landing jobs.

List of top 10 jobs that will show the fastest growth

Job #1. Biomedical Engineers
Job #2. Registered Nurses
Job #3. Network System/ Data Communications Analyst
Job #4. Home Health Aide
Job #5. Personal & Home Care Aide
Job #6. Financial Examiner
Job #7. Medical Scientist
Job #8. Physician Assistant
Job #9. Customer Service Representative
Job #10. Food Preparation & Service Workers

According to Peter Morici, international business professor at the University of Maryland, said that jobseekers will have abundant job opportunities in the field of healthcare. Finance and technology are the other sectors that will show fastest growth in job opportunities.

According to Morici, some of the above mentioned top 10 jobs will either require fewer skills while others would need candidates to possess advanced educational qualification. He further advised jobseekers that latter should also be prepared to make the most of job opportunities that are related to the above mentioned fastest growing professions.

If you are confused deciding which career is right for you, Take a Free Career Test Now to know your strengths, skills and abilities and make a right career decision.


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Using Your Resume to Negotiate a Higher Salary

A resume is your first impression to the prospective employer. And there is no denying the fact that it is almost impossible to change the first impressions. Therefore, your resume should be made in such a way that it markets you and sells your skills. The first impression which is created by your resume should generate a sort of urgency in the employer to get in touch with you as soon as possible. It may just happen that you are losing thousands of dollars in income only because your resume is not made or written in the right way or it sells your skills short. Given below are some essential tips about winning resume strategies that will help you negotiate a higher salary.

Show the Employer that your are a High Return on Investment
As a jobseeker, you really need to convince the employer that you are going to be a high return on investment. Just throwing around phrases like ‘results oriented’ and ‘go-getter’ will not do. You need to provide some quantifiable evidence as the proof. What was your value on your last job? Mentioning the achievements from your last job on the resume always adds weight to the resume. The quantifiable evidence can be in terms of revenues, sales figures and anything that is associated with number and proves your worth.

How Wide is Your Experience?
Years of experience that you carry always has a key role to play in negotiating high salary. However, it is not only the number of working years which count. Quality is always the most important. Candidates can mention their experience both in terms of industry knowledge or transferable skills as applicable. If you worked for one specific industry, try to show to the employer the in-depth knowledge that you have about the industry. If you changed industries while staying on the same occupation, you need to show to the employer your transferable skills. You need to show the skills that you used to fill the gap between one industry and another.

Compel the Read to Want to Know More about You

If you thought the role of your job resume was just to inform the employer, you seriously need to give it a second thought. The task of a resume is certainly not to inform the reader but actually compel them to want to know more about you as they read it. Is your resume tailored to this purpose? Now, a resume that entices the reader to want to know more about you must be well written, well formatted and well crafted. The resume should not have unnecessary details which will only lose the reader’s interest. If you include too less, that also becomes a problem. So, you need to strike a balance between how much should you include and what the result will be.

Keep all these details and tips in mind about to create a resume that makes a ‘perfect’ fist impression and entices the reader to want to know more about you. By using these tips, you can definitely expect to receive job offers at the upper end of your salary scale.

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How to Conduct Your Job Search and Stand Out from the Crowd

When a job position is advertised, thousands of job seekers apply for the post. So, how do you plan to stand out from the crowd? To beat out the competition, you need to take your job search as a marketing campaign. As a competitive jobseeker, you are required to locate job positions before they are actually advertised. Marketing your skills and yourself means you have to find out people who can offer you job opportunities.

If you really want to beat out the competition, you can not wait till the employer finds you. You have to reach out to them before they find you. For that to happen, you need to polish your job search skills and make use of variety of resources to help you in the job hunting process. Once you track down those who can hire you, the next important task is to tell them what you are capable of doing. You can then meet them in person, write to them or telephone them to tell what you can do and to market your talents and skills.

When company launches a new product or a new service, it employs a strategic marketing plan. And here you are the product and you have the job of marketing and selling yourself. That is why we say, take up the job search process as a marketing campaign and act accordingly. Develop a plan and put the plan into action. It takes a disciplined approach and strategic planning when it comes to finding a job.

While you conduct the job search, you should also be aware of the different approaches that you can take to make to marketing campaign successful.

Professional networking and referral building
Getting in touch with potential employers directly
Informational interviewing
Employing agencies and recruiters
Searching for specialized job listings
Using help-wanted classifieds

Of all the above listed approaches for job search, the professional networking and referral building approach happens to be the most effective one. It can result into getting you the maximum number of referrals, leads and contacts. Getting in touch with employers directly and using the cold calling method is more likely to result into landing a job.

When it comes to marketing yourself as a product, you should be ready with an action-plan. Developing a job search strategy also needs some research on your own. By devoting some time to this strategic planning and putting in some sincere effort, you can really enable yourself to have a competitive edge over other jobseekers.

So, are you ready to launch yourself?


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How to Make Yourself Three Times More Likely to Get Hired

According to a research conducted by the executive search industry, it has come to light that the first person interviewed gets the job only 17.6 percent of the time. On the other hand, the last person interviewed gets the job almost 56 percent of the time, which is more than three times of the first person interviewed getting the job. So, what are you thinking now? Are you really going to make yourself three times more likely to get hired?

Well, we are not going to end the discussion at that. But we will also talk about the reasons behind this interesting fact. It is probably in human nature that we are wary of or are a little apprehensive of accepting the first choice offered. Another reason can be the corporate inertia. The sense of urgency may not be strong enough when the search begins.

So, if you want to increase the your chances of landing jobs three times, you can try to position yourself among the last candidates interviewed, and certainly not being among the first. In the light of the executive search industry study, aged ads can be a good option to get interviewed among the last candidates. If you come across a help-wanted appeal, you can wait for around 10 days before you respond to the requirement.

When you get a call from an interviewer, you can try to push the day of appointment as far as possible. There are numerous other studies that have been conducted to throw more light on the issue. One study has revealed that Monday is the worst day of getting interviewed for a job whereas the worst time for being interviewed is late afternoon.

Let’s move one step further and examine some more results of researches. According to a research, around 2/3rd of the time the best qualified candidates do not get the job offer. And the people selected for the job often have less than 50 percent of the job qualifications.

Candidates who get the most job offers are intimidated least, promote themselves best and listen the maximum. In addition to having formal qualifications, strong listening skills are required to increase your chances of getting the job. To get the job offer, candidates need to give a masterful presentation. Likability plays an important role. So, you are responsible for compelling the employer like your candidacy. And when you want the employer to like you, one important thing is to listen to them attentively.

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Comparing Multiple Job Offers

So, you worked really hard on all aspects of job searching, landed interviews and now have a couple of job offers on your hand as well. Now you are in a stage where you need to decide which job offer is the best for your career. The salary and employee benefits package may vary from one company to another. While deciding which the best job offer is, you need to take into account a number of things and job benefits. It is never wise to suddenly jump to a conclusion. The benefits not only vary from one company to another, but also from one job to another. So, you need to check out all the aspects and then evaluate about the best offer.

While making a decision about the best job, you need to consider the following essential aspects. However, there are more points that you need to do the evaluation.

Base salary
Sign-on bonus
Cost of living adjustment
Life insurance and disability insurance
Company conveyance
Medical, dental and optical
Pension plan
Total compensation package

You need to compare multiple job offers on the basis of the above mentioned aspects and employee benefits. These are only the basic aspects and you may need to consider some more important factor for selecting the best company. Have a look.

Reputation/ Ranking of the company
Work culture
Work challenges
Career improvement opportunities
Relocation expenses
Country club/ professional memberships
Appraisal/ bonus policies
Vacation time and paid holidays
Profit sharing
Employee assistance program
Parking expenses
Commuting expenses

If you take into consideration all of the above mentioned points, you can definitely find it easy to decide which can be the best job for you. Only getting a job is not enough. The job should match your skills and interests and more importantly it should lead you towards achieving your career goals. So, be well informed and well prepared while you make the best job selection.


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