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5 Key Benefits of Doing International Jobs

There are many people who aspire to occupy international jobs. It’s because those people like adventures and challenges. If you too enjoy a taste of adventure, you can consider taking up a job in a foreign land. No doubt, doing an international job brings a wide range of benefits.

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Find out five key benefits that international jobs will bring you.

#1. Explore New Culture, Customs & Traditions
This is, in fact, the biggest benefit of doing a job overseas or in a foreign country is that you’ll be experience new cultures and customs. As part of your job, you’ll be traveling to different parts of the world. Meeting with new people and knowing about the different cultures will prove to be a learning experience. Such opportunities can also teach you some of the most important lessons of life.

#2. Get Better Career Opportunities
Another key benefit of doing a job overseas is that it can bring you potential opportunities for a better career. While working in a foreign country, you will meet with people from various industries and backgrounds. You never know which one of them can bring you a better career opportunity.

#3. Earn a Higher Salary
International jobs can bring higher earning opportunities. As you know, salary levels for a similar job may vary from one geographical location to another. If you intend to earn a higher salary, you can target potential geographical locations according to the nature of your job.

#4. Develop Skills
Doing an international job also immensely helps you develop your skill sets. Most importantly, you can enhance your language skills while working in a foreign land. Since you’ll be in touch with native speakers of a particular language, you can easily fine-tune your foreign language skills.

#5. Boost Confidence
When you start to work far away from home, you own the responsibility of everything that you do. You’re always on your own. Under such situations, you can boost your confidence level and become a more responsible person than you were earlier.

There are several other benefits that overseas jobs can bring you. Depending on the type of industry you are in, you can receive many other advantages. While working in a foreign country, you should try to enjoy your adventure journey as much as possible and learn from your experiences.

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What are the Best Jobs for Single Moms?

There is a large number of single moms and divorced mothers that need jobs to look after multiple obligations in a better way. There are best job opportunities available for moms in a wide range of fields. However, healthcare can offer single mothers some of the best paying jobs with a lot of working hours flexibility.

While looking for jobs, single moms’ most important concerns are good work flexibility and a decent salary. Any job that offers these addresses these concerns can be termed as best jobs for moms.

Considering the rough competition for jobs, many single mothers can have a hard time finding jobs that are in tune with their requirements. However, a targeted job search and some advance planning can immediately enhance single or divorced mothers’ chances of landing jobs.

Flexible Working Hours
Moms will do well in jobs that offer them a flexible work schedule. It’s true that moms may have a hectic life. In any case, they need to keep the correct balance between professional and personal life.

Some of the fields where single moms can find a job of their choice are as follows.

Healthcare Industry
Today, the healthcare industry is facing a shortage of trained healthcare professionals. And this field of work offers an array of job opportunities, suitable for single mothers and divorced moms. With some training and adequate qualifications, moms can prepare themselves to become a nurse, a home health care aide, physician’s assistant etc.

All these healthcare jobs offer good work timings. Most of them offer moms the opportunity to work in shifts. Depending on their individual requirements, single mothers can choose a job that suits them best. Jobs are available in general hospitals, nursing care facilities, healthcare centers and physician’s offices among others.

Though most of these jobs require a bachelor’s degree from a medical college or school, single mothers can also obtain an associate degree to land jobs quickly. With growing experience, they can strengthen their professional position and start earning a high salary.

Non-Clinical Healthcare Jobs
Single moms who don’t want to directly work in hospitals and see blood can choose from a wide range of non-clinical healthcare jobs. Some of the best paying jobs for moms are available in medical coding, medical transcription, medical social work, athletic training, rehabilitation counseling etc.

Most of the jobs in the non-clinical healthcare industry required either a bachelor’s or a master’s degree. Single moms can also start doing these jobs with a relevant associate degree. A little training and some prior work experience can help moms beat out the competition for jobs.

Other potential jobs in this field include positions like healthcare administrator, health educator, medical secretary, mental health counselor, medical equipment technician, health information technician etc.

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What Are the Best Cities to Work In?

Where do you desire to work? Well, many candidates have a list of cities they would most like to work in. However, every city on your list may not be a good choice for getting a job. A city is best to work in if it offers plenty of career growth opportunities and where the salary scale is high. If you do some research on the internet, you’ll come across the best cities list, which you can choose from while planning to get a job in a suitable geographical location.

How are best job cities selected? Best cities for jobs are those that have a diverse economy and feature a wide range of stable industries. If you plan to do a job in one of such cities, you can make sure that you get plenty of career opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.

According to the Milken Institute, the following cities have been ranked to be among the top 10 best cities for getting a job. Have a look.

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Las Vegas, Nevada
Fort Myers, Florida
West Palm Beach, Florida
San Diego, California
San Luis Obispo, California
Laredo, Texas
Brownsville, Texas
McAllen, Texas
Monmouth, New Jersey

The Milken Institute releases the top 10 list of best job cities every year. One particular city which is at rank #1 may not maintain its position always. For example, cities like Boston and Gary have dropped in terms of rankings. They headed the list when they had a good job market. Boston, at one time, was one of the best cities for tech jobs. The city offered plenty of tech jobs to occupy. But now the situation is different.

Before you decide to get a job in a specific city or job location, you must have a look at the current best cities rankings. If you make a well informed deciding while choosing cities to work in, you will have maximum chances of growing your career and enhance your working experience as well.

After you have selected one from the best cities to get a job, you can visit regional or major job boards that use sophisticated job search engines. When you are planning to work in a particular geographical location, it is a good idea to check out regional job websites that feature city-specific job listings.

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US Factories Added 49,000 Jobs in January

Strong job gains by US factories come as a boon to the spattering job market. Last year, there was a modest job rebound by manufacturers. The good news is that a higher customer demand finally seems to materialize, particularly in the emerging markets. In the year 2010, manufacturers added a total of 112,000 jobs. This year, producers are expected to add 275,000 jobs. Around 300,000 more jobs are expected in the year 2012.

Last month, strong job gains were noticed by manufacturers of cars, metals, factory gear and computers. On the other hand, producers of apparel, paper and food shed 13,000 jobs, as the US consumer demand in the non-durable products market is still moderate.

Ford Motor
In order to expedite its production of vehicles, Ford Motors added 600 employees in Ohio and Michigan. This is in regard to the US car sales annual rise of 12.6 million last month. Early last year, the car sales was reported to be 11 million.

It is the No. 1 aluminum maker in the US. Last month, Alcoa re-opened three smelting plants. The re-opening of these plants will require 260 more employees. According to CEO Klaus Kleinfield, demand in the aluminum sector is rising up.

The top chipmaker also added around 3,000 jobs last year. This was done due to the increasing demand for servers and notebooks.

Overall, factories in the United States added 49,000 jobs in January this year. Jobseekers can expect more jobs to be added as the consumer demand surges further in the coming months. This is really welcome news that higher demand is finally flicking in.


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5 Careers for Those Who Love Working with Children

It is truly an invaluable experience to make a difference in a child’s life. If you love working with children, you can choose from a range of careers. Though these careers happen to be quite satisfying and rewarding, they are quite challenging as well. Working as a teacher or a childcare worker takes good training and education. Certified professionals are in high demand for jobs that involve working with children.

If you love working with children and making a positive impact on their lives, give below are 5 career options that you can choose from.

#1. Teacher
Even you plan to pursue teaching career, you have multiple types of teaching jobs available to you. Depending on your academic qualification, training and experience, you can work at different levels of teaching. Having a master’s degree in education will enhance your chances of landing teaching jobs in private and public schools.

#2. Social Worker
Right from schools to government agencies, social workers are in demand almost everywhere. These professionals work to make improve the lives of children who need counseling or protection. It is one of those jobs where you can actually experience how you make a different in children’s lives.

#3. Child Care
If you love working with children, you can also plan to get employed at a childcare facility. In this job, you will spend your entire day with children and attending to their individual needs. You need to take care of children, particularly when their parents are away. As a childcare worker, you will be working with children of all groups.

#4. Pediatrician
If you choose to pursue this career, you will need the most formal education. Since parents are becoming more concerned about their child’s health, pediatricians continue to be in high demand. Becoming a pediatrician is one of the most rewarding careers you can pursue if you love working with children and making a difference in their lives.

#5. Community Worker
Community workers are regularly required by schools, churches and community centers. A big challenge for these workers is to keep children interested in the programs. If you are innovative and have lots of energy, you can always consider getting employed as a community worker.

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Six-Figure Jobs with No Degrees Required

There are many jobs that jobseekers can obtain without having a degree. Job applicants do not need to possess a 4-year or an associate degree to occupy these jobs. What is more surprising is the fact that these jobs are all six-figure jobs. They ate not a typical blue collar job like that of an electrician or a plumber. So if you do not have college degree and still wish to earn a six-figure income, you can consider these options.

Given below are jobs that can fetch you a six-figure income without requiring a four year or an associate’s degree.

Air Traffic Controller
One of these six-figure income jobs is that of an air traffic controller. There’s no doubt that this is a challenging job which requires strong memory and decision making abilities. You will need to go through months of rigorous training to join as air traffic controller. The effort, however, will be worth it. The average annual salary of air traffic controllers is around $159,000.

Nuclear Power Reactor Operator
 Another job position which can fetch you a 6-figure income without requiring a college degree is that of a nuclear power reactor operator. This job position also brings tough challenges. Before getting employed at a nuclear power plant, you will need to get licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The average annual salary for this job is $128,000.

Elevator Mechanic
Since this work can not be outsourced, there is a growing demand for elevator mechanics. People hate heading towards stairs when the elevator gets out of order. The job offers excellent job security to mechanics. The average annual salary of elevator mechanics is around $109,000.

Fire Chief
Candidates will face tough competition occupying fire chief job positions. You will need to work for several years fighting fires before you can acquire the job position of a fire chief. Even if you only have a high school degree, you can compete for this job and earn a six figure income. The average annual salary of a fire chief is $121,000.

Court Reporter
Though a court reporting job brings multiple challenges, it also offers excellent earning. It is truly surprising to note that court reporters earn an annual salary of around $100,000. If you are also planning to earn a six figure salary without completing a bachelor’s degree, this is one of the most useful options to choose. Aspiring candidates can get trained at the National Court Reporters Association. Court reporters can earn an annual salary up to $105,000.

Though you will find the above mentioned jobs stressful and challenging, occupying them can open doors to excellent earning opportunities. If you do not possess a college degree and still want to earn a six-figure salary, you can definitely consider pursuing these jobs. For many of these six figure salary jobs, you may face tough competition. However, if you have adequate work experience and possess the required skill sets, you can avail the best employment opportunities.


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How to Find Your First Job

No matter whether you are a teenager or older, you will definitely need to prepare yourself for a successful job search. And when it is your first job you need to do more preparation to increase your chances of getting hired. You will need to accumulate all the information that could help enhance your resume. Considering little or no work experience in case of a first job, you will need to include experiences in volunteering, babysitting and other similar kinds of work experiences. And it won’t really matter whether you received a paycheck for doing these jobs or not.

It is important for students and first time jobseekers that it may take some time (particularly because you do not have previous work experience) to land your first job. Given below are some important tips on conducting your first job search and successfully find it.

Be Persistent
Being persistent means you have to follow-up with the employer or the hiring manager after waiting for a few days of applying for a job. If you applied for your first job in person, you should meet the hiring manager once again to enquire about the opportunity. Let the hiring manager be informed that you are really interested in the job opportunity.

Don’t Stop
Since you have applied for a job for the first time does not mean you have to sit idle at home waiting for the telephone bell to ring. Apply for as many jobs as possible to increase your chances of landing one.

Be Flexible
Do not become the applicant who is available only for a limited number of hours. Be flexible with your working hours while applying for your first job. Applicants who are flexible to work any number of hours have greater chances of finding a job compared to those who are available only during selected work hours.

Leverage Your Connections
You will definitely enhance your chances of finding your first job if you are ready to use your connections including your family, friends and relatives. Suppose your mom regularly visits a drug store where you would like to work. Have your mom mention to the store manager or hiring manager that you are actually looking for a job.

Dress Professionally

Since it is your first job, it does not mean you need to dress casually while visiting the employer. If you are applying for your first job at a store, go and visit the store to have an idea about the appropriate dressing clothes of the employees. This will give you a fair idea about how to dress appropriately when you visit the store to apply for a job.

Don’t Give Up
Since you carry little or no experience, it will definitely take some time before you find one. Therefore, do not be discouraged after being rejected one or more times. Just keep applying for as many jobs as possible. Remember, you future career will always begin with that first job you are looking for.


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