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How to Use an Informational Interview for Success


Did you know you could land a job through informational interviewing? Well, if you conduct some research online, you will come to know of candidates who got a job after their informational interview. Surprised? It can happen to you as well. Conducting informational interviews with someone may also lead you to employers where there’s a matching job position available. And be sure it’s not about good luck.

Informational interviews can really lead to job search success if you conduct it the right way. There are plenty of job positions that are never advertised whether online or offline. But informational interviewing can take you to those job positions.

When you are stepping into a new career or struggling to find a new job, it is always recommended to conduct informational interviews with successful professionals and employers. Before you actually meet with someone for conducting this interview, you need to prepare yourself for the procedure really well.

If you want to make the most of informational interviews, you need to focus on three major steps, which are as follows.

#1. Prepare for the Interview Well
#2. Know What to Say & What not to Say
#3. Find out How to Get the Person to Refer you to an Employer or a Hiring Manager

The above mentioned steps are nuggets of information if you want to make the most out of informational interview. Anyone who conducts the interview has the chances of the landing an interview or a job through this effective job hunting procedure. Just equip yourself with informational interviewing tips and be ready to get the person you interview to refer you to a hiring manager. In this way, you can really penetrate the hidden job market and land your dream job even when you see no advertisements for the job of your interest.

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Online Job Search Tips

Searching for jobs online needs a well-planned strategy. Thanks to the availability of so many job boards, jobseekers now have plenty of jobs at their fingertips. If you know how to use the internet to expedite your job search process, it can prove to be a powerful tool. There some important guidelines and tips that you can follow for searching jobs online. Given below are some of the most important ones.

Build Your Online Portfolio
While it’s good to apply online for jobs of your interest, it is also a good tip to build a website that presents all of your job related information to employers. The website serves as your online portfolio where employers and hiring managers can view your career interests, skill sets and your contact information easily.

Check Our Regional Job Boards
Another useful tip for jobseekers is to narrow down their job search options. You should start your online search by specific regions and industries. In addition, there are multiple regional job boards available as well. Prepare a list of all the regional employment websites and job boards that fit in with your job requirements. Regional websites are a good source of finding jobs in your specific area or region, which may not be available on international job websites.

Get in Touch with Online Recruiters
There are online recruiters available to match you with the right kind of jobs. You can easily find the potential online recruiters and get in touch with them for searching jobs. These recruiters will be able to provide useful links to online headhunters for candidates seeking jobs.

Benefit from Video Resumes
Today, many jobseekers prepare video resume to set themselves apart from other jobseekers. Though video resumes are not replacements of traditional resume, they can help you attract the employers’ attention and gain an extra edge over your competition.

Job Alerts can be Useful
Many job boards and employment websites also offer the facility of utilizing job alerts. After creating your profile on such job boards, you can set job alerts according to your specific requirements. Using job alerts will keep you updated on the newly posted job positions in the industries of your interest.

Expand Your Network
Social networking plays a vital role in getting some valuable job or career related information. In fact, it is networking through which most of the job positions are filled. There are popular social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin that provide you an excellent opportunity to connect with industry professionals, employers, friends, colleagues and co-workers. Therefore, you should continue to build and expand your network of contacts.

Following the above mentioned tips can make your online job search a lot easier. If you want to land jobs quickly, you should prepare yourself to make an effective use of the internet and online job searching resources available out there.

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Using Facebook to Find a Job

There’s no doubt that social media is playing a vital role in helping jobseekers find jobs. Popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are at the forefront. People are spending more and more time on such social media websites. If you too are in search of a job, you can certainly use Facebook to your benefits. Given below are some important tips on how to use Facebook as an effective job search tool.

Today, hiring managers are increasing using Facebook for checking the background of people they want to hire. If you want to use Facebook to attract employers, you need to customize your profile for receiving the maximum benefits. To keep up a professional image, you need to include only those groups, photos and information that employers will be looking for. Create your profile on Facebook right away and fill it out completely to attract employers’ attention.

Fans & Groups
Most of the large and potential employers are on Facebook. Prepare a list of your targeted employers and search for their Facebook pages. Once you have located similar groups and company profiles, you can join them or become a fan of their pages. It is an excellent way to attract the attention of company’s hiring managers and get your way in for finding jobs.

Jobseekers must be advised that networking is a powerful tool to find jobs. According to a recent survey, around 70%-80% job positions are filled via professional contacts or references. And Facebook offers a great opportunity to network with industry professionals, co-workers and colleagues. If you spend some time networking with influential people and continue to expand your network of contacts, you can definitely use Facebook for receiving valuable job information. First of all, you need to keep your contacts informed that you are in search of a job. Network with people who can help you find a job with the employers you have targeted.

Current Employees
If you targeted a specific employer, you can easily search for people who are currently employed in that company. For locating employees, you can first find the list of employee names and then search for their Facebook profiles in Google. Send friend request to these employees and add them to your list of contacts. Current employees of a specific company can provide you essential information on current job vacancies.

Turn your Facebook account into a portfolio of your work. Upload your work related information in your account including blog posts, photos and professional organizations you are associated with. If you want to attract employers’ attention for finding a job, you need to include information related to your work or industry you serve.

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How to Avoid Job Scams

People who are desperately looking for a job and ways to earn money fast may fall prey to job scams that have increased in this tough economic situation. Do not get swayed by get-rich-quick schemes, as most of these are designed to make you a victim of a job scam. Jobseekers need to be very careful while looking for a job. If you really want to avoid these scams, you need to separate job searching from earning money quickly. It is mostly females between the age of 18-49 that fall prey to these job scams. Even smart people get victimized in these scams.

Given below are some important tips that can help you to spot job scams and avoid them.

Don’t pay an upfront fee
That means: hold tight to your cash. When an employer asks you to pay a fee upfront, this simply signals that something is not right. You will come across various offers where depositing a fee will promise to make you wealthy or provide you a list of best paying home jobs. Don’t fall for such offers. If it is a legitimate employer, they will never ask to pay money in advance.

Advertisements that make outrageous claims
Another important tip to avoid job scams is to avoid paying heed to ads that make outrageous claims like ‘Make money while you sleep!’ and other similar job advertisements. These ads are specially designed to target desperate jobseekers. If you are not careful enough, you may fall prey to such scams. Remember that legitimate employers will want candidates who carry some specific job skills rather than inviting just anyone and offering them lots of money.

‘Work at Home’ is not a job title
According to consumer protection experts, ‘work from home’ or ‘work at home’ are not job titles and jobseekers should be warned. If you come across job titles like these in ads, there is a good chance that it will lead you to a job scam. Job titles like these are used a bait to reel in desperate people looking for ways to earn money quickly.

Miracles do happen, but not in the form of ‘SPAM’
Many times, you will receive emails in your inbox promising you a lot of wealth. Why would someone else be interested in making a wealthier? Moreover, a man whom you have never known? Don’t see these emails as miracles. They are nothing but ‘SPAM’. Simple move these emails to your trash box. Don’t even click links like ‘Remove me from this list’, at the bottom of the email. This is just a tool to find out whether an email is active.

There are many jobseekers that fall prey to job scams. And this is really very unfortunate. Please keep all the above mentioned tips in mind and do not act in desperation. More importantly, don’t look for short-cuts or get-rich-quick schemes, as this will only lead you to job scams. And consequences may include identity theft, unauthorized credit card changes or loss of savings!

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Is Your CV Well Targeted?

There’s no denying the fact that a CV has the potential to make or break your job application. It is your job application that makes the employer aware of your talents, aptitudes and skills. And CV has of course a crucial role to play. Therefore, it is essential to prepare a CV which is well targeted. Targeting a CV means tailor-making it to the requirements of the employer. The most important point to remember in this regard is that every part of your curriculum vitae directly relates to your job application. Whether it is your job skills, your qualification or your work experience, they should all be relevant to your job application.

Here, we discuss about the basic elements of a CV.

Depending on the job position you want to occupy, you need to tailor-make the objective part of your CV. It is the section where you need to tell the employer why you are actually looking for the job position you have applied for. The objectives section should make your vision and motivations very clear to the employer.

Jobseekers must be aware that skills are actually the ‘keywords’ of your job application. Therefore, you need to use appropriate descriptions for each of the essential job skills that you possess. You should remember to include all the skills that are required for the job and are possessed by you. Use skill descriptions as you find them in job advertisements.

Work History
This is another important section that can make your CV well targeted. Include your job roles and tasks in regard to the job position you are applying for. Be very careful and selective with the terminology you use to make up this part of the CV. Try to display your skills as you developed them throughout your work history.

A well targeted CV always displays achievements that relate to your target job position. It is the achievement part in your curriculum vitae that shows value to the employer. Achievements that you add on to the work history are real attractors for the employers. They show the employer what you are worth.

Provide a list of qualifications that meet the job application requirements. Sometimes, jobseekers are confused whether their list of qualifications actually match the job application requirements. Do not waste time in guessing. Get it confirmed through an email. Do not include board descriptions, mostly in case where most of the applicants will have similar board descriptions.

Targeting your CV means making each part of the curriculum vitae tailor-made to the requirements of the employer. And it is never a mammoth task to make your CV targeted to the employer needs. If you target it well with relevant content, you are hired.


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How to Find Your First Job

No matter whether you are a teenager or older, you will definitely need to prepare yourself for a successful job search. And when it is your first job you need to do more preparation to increase your chances of getting hired. You will need to accumulate all the information that could help enhance your resume. Considering little or no work experience in case of a first job, you will need to include experiences in volunteering, babysitting and other similar kinds of work experiences. And it won’t really matter whether you received a paycheck for doing these jobs or not.

It is important for students and first time jobseekers that it may take some time (particularly because you do not have previous work experience) to land your first job. Given below are some important tips on conducting your first job search and successfully find it.

Be Persistent
Being persistent means you have to follow-up with the employer or the hiring manager after waiting for a few days of applying for a job. If you applied for your first job in person, you should meet the hiring manager once again to enquire about the opportunity. Let the hiring manager be informed that you are really interested in the job opportunity.

Don’t Stop
Since you have applied for a job for the first time does not mean you have to sit idle at home waiting for the telephone bell to ring. Apply for as many jobs as possible to increase your chances of landing one.

Be Flexible
Do not become the applicant who is available only for a limited number of hours. Be flexible with your working hours while applying for your first job. Applicants who are flexible to work any number of hours have greater chances of finding a job compared to those who are available only during selected work hours.

Leverage Your Connections
You will definitely enhance your chances of finding your first job if you are ready to use your connections including your family, friends and relatives. Suppose your mom regularly visits a drug store where you would like to work. Have your mom mention to the store manager or hiring manager that you are actually looking for a job.

Dress Professionally

Since it is your first job, it does not mean you need to dress casually while visiting the employer. If you are applying for your first job at a store, go and visit the store to have an idea about the appropriate dressing clothes of the employees. This will give you a fair idea about how to dress appropriately when you visit the store to apply for a job.

Don’t Give Up
Since you carry little or no experience, it will definitely take some time before you find one. Therefore, do not be discouraged after being rejected one or more times. Just keep applying for as many jobs as possible. Remember, you future career will always begin with that first job you are looking for.


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What to Avoid During an Online Job Search

To become successful in your online job search, you need to know useful methods and techniques. With billions and billions of jobs listed on job boards, it is truly a hard task to find job information that you are actually looking for. Given below are some of the important tips for online jobseekers to make them well informed of what to avoid while searching for jobs online.

Using Broad Terms
While conducting your online job search, one of the most important things to remember is to avoid using broad terms like ‘accountants’, ‘teachers’ etc. Searching for these terms would return thousands of jobs. This will make your work really harder. And not more than 5% of these jobs will be relevant to what job position you are actually searching for.

Searching for Job Titles
Jobseekers should also avoid searching for job titles during an online job search. For example, searching for ‘administration’ will return several admin jobs, which can be anything. These jobs will be less relevant to your previous job profile. Instead, you can search for specific skills which can be used for a number of jobs. When you search for skills, you can get information on jobs where your specific skills are high in demand.

Sticking to one Industry
Jobseekers must also be advised not to conduct their online job search sticking to just one industry. Skills can be transferable and they can be applied across a range of industries. If you stick to one industry, you won’t be able to find the right job opportunities.

Not Refining Job Searches
Many job sites will return jobs that are outdated and may not be of any use to jobseekers. If you get the same job ads again and again, that means you really need to refine your online job search. Use current time frames to get up to date job advertisements. Remember to use excluders that can refine your job search and return results to your actual requirements.

Online Job Search Hazards
While conducting an online job search, jobseekers may face some search hazards like badly written job advertisements and classified type job ads. Most of the job advertisements lack useful information. Most of the recruitment agencies do not put enough detail about a particular job position. Therefore, jobseekers should be able to keep away from such search hazards.

Job searches are also cluttered with classified type job ads. These ads do not have anything than just the job title. Unless these are local jobs, they are a complete waste of the jobseeker’s time. Jobseekers should keep in mind all these hazards and keep away from them to become successful with their online job search and get information that they are actually searching for.


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