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Five Career Resolutions for Being Successful

Having a successful career needs a lot of careful planning, an eagerness to excel, persistence and courage. While everyone else is planning their New Year resolutions, why not plan some career resolutions to follow in the New Year. If you are ready to give your career high priority, it is definitely going to have a positive affect on your personal life, family and relatives as well. If you have made up your mind to make five most important career resolutions, you should also be ready to keep them. There can be more career resolutions that just. However, these five resolutions are the most important ones of all others that you can make.

Resolution # 1. Make Career Planning a Top Priority
To get career success, it is very essential to assess your career, to know where exactly you are heading. Like you schedule and devote specific time for other important life activities, you need to devote some time to review your career as well. You can pick a long weekend to have a look and assess your career goals and how you need to go about achieving those goals. Yes, there are other priorities in the life of an individual. Try to make your career a top priority. If you start ignoring your career, it can have its toll on your personal life, bringing unhappiness to your entire family and friends.

Resolution # 2. Be Ready to Find Yourself the Ideal Career Path
There is a mountain of a difference between a job and a career. When you actually enjoy doing your job, it leads to a career. Many times, people do their job but they do not have contentment and satisfaction. Yes, there can be several reasons behind that. But if you are unhappy with the career you have chosen, it is about time you made a career change. Making a career change decision takes a lot of courage. However, there is nothing wrong with making such a decision. All that matters is whether the decision you make is right or wrong. So, take a look at you hobbies, interests and passions and find out a career that you actually like and are passionate about.

Resolution # 3. Make Sincere Effort to Find a Better Job
To find yourself a new job, you need to prepare yourself and fine tune your job hunting skills, resume writing skills and interview skills. Initially, when you are out in the job market, you may be a little apprehensive. But if you have prepared yourself well, you will definitely find at least one job offer which is better than the last one. Make use of the job hunting tools, put in sincere effort and polish your skills of job hunting to land a better job position.

Resolution # 4. Position Yourself for a Promotion, Raise or New Job
It is really good news if you say that you like both your job and the employer. Now, the career resolution that you need to make is to ready yourself to get a pay raise or a promotion. Measure your work performance and achievements and try to build your personal brand. When you are able to set yourself apart from others, on the ground of your achievements, you will position yourself for a raise or a promotion.

Resolution # 5. Obtain New Skills, Education & Training for Career Advancement
When you are ready to learn and acquire new skills, age can never be a bar. Acquiring advanced skills and education is an essential ingredient of making a successful career or making a career change. So, even if you need to go back to school to obtain required education, you should not be discouraged. Keep striving to enhance your skill set, academic qualification and training for career advancement. What’s more, you can always opt for online education programs or distance education without disturbing your work schedule. Obtaining education online also saves you both time and money.

Now that you know that five important career resolutions, prepare yourself to not only make these resolutions but also be ready to stick to them. Following these career resolutions will definitely move you up the success ladder. And when you have a better career, your life too is going to be better and happier.


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10 Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Resume writing is an art. Rather than simply putting information on the resume, you need to craft the resume to make it a most effective advertising copy. You can be a teenager, a mid career changer, a working parent or a fresh career starter – in all these cases, the resume needs to be tailored to specific needs. To make yourself saleable to employers, you need to learn the art of making a perfect resume avoiding mistakes. Yes, while you make a resume, you may make some mistakes that will reduce the chances of your landing interviews. Therefore, you need to be aware of the mistakes that you can make while you sit to write that perfect resume.

I also wrote an article titled ‘How to Improve Your Resume’ and got it published on EzineArticles. The article contains some of the most essential tips and suggestions on how to write a perfect resume. This time, I am going to talk about the mistakes that candidates may make. Some of these resume mistakes are as follows.

Mistake# 1. Lack of Focus
Mistake# 2. Resume is duties-drive rather than accomplishments driven.
Mistake# 3. Listing of resume items is not in the order that would interest the reader.
Mistake# 4. Resume information goes too far back into the jobseekers history.
Mistake# 5. Resume buries important skills and talents.
Mistake# 6. Resume is not bulleted.
Mistake# 7. Resume design is that of an overused resume template.
Mistake# 8. Resume lacks keywords.
Mistake# 9. References are listed directly on the resume.
Mistake# 10. Resume is not available (or is skewed) in other electronic formats.

So, these were the 10 resume mistakes that you need to avoid. In fact resume making is one of the most overlooked aspect of a job strategy. Candidates really need to take the art of resume making seriously and craft a resume that immediately sells you to employers. The whole idea behind writing a resume is to compel the reader of the employer to want to know more about you. For successfully landing interviews, you really learn to need the art.

In many cases where finding a new job takes a longer period than expected, resume mistakes can be one of the major reasons. While searching for jobs, you need to consider every aspect of the job search strategy and do not overlook the power of a well crafted resume.

No. 8 – You may be a little surprised at how or why a resume should also include related keywords. You should be aware that employers place resume in and use keyword searchable databases. So, if you resume has job related keywords, employers can easily find it. These keywords play an important role even when employers search for relevant candidates on third party job posting and resume posting boards on the internet.

So, now that you know about the mistakes that a resume may have, you need to review your resume and craft it in a way that it makes you saleable to employers.

On the blog, I also published a post on ‘Resume writing for Teenagers’. The brief post is accompanied by a video. If you are a teenager, you can have some useful resume writing tips in this post.


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Using Social Media to Find a Job

Social media has become a wonderful tool for finding jobs you love. To make the most of it, jobseekers, candidates and students need to use this platform effectively. Candidates should know about the dos and don’ts of using various social media platforms like the Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Linked In etc. Equipped with tips and suggestions, candidates can really be able to build a foundation that is required to use social media to their benefits. Given below are some tips.

Why it Matters
Social media plays a vital role, as the information you put on the internet lasts forever. Whether it is text, a picture or a video, everything stays on the internet forever. Thanks to the ever evolving search engines, they are able to make your content searchable on the internet.

Who Searches Online
A variety of professionals and people do their research online through social media platforms. They can be hiring managers, colleagues, potential clients, potential mates etc. All these people can reach your profile by searching the online.

You Can Use Social Media to
While using the social media platforms, you can not only find out information about careers, but you can also learn about companies and their work culture. Knowing about the work culture of a company can help you make the decision whether you would like to work there or not. On these social media platforms, you can also get in touch with professionals who belong to the industry you are interested in. And you always have the opportunity to keep your network growing.

Dos and Don’ts of Using Social Media Platforms
To effectively use a social media platform to find jobs, you also need to be aware of the things that you should do and those that you should not. If you are using the platform to find a job, do not put inappropriate pictures of yourself on the internet. Before putting anything out there, give it a thought, as whatever you do online is forever.

Another thing that you should not do is never write nasty things about someone else. Or do not raise a mean issue on social media platforms if you are using it to find jobs. And finally, do not lie.

Remember, you need to give in order to take something. The same applies on the social media platforms as well. And always be quite aware of how you brand yourself on these platforms which may include Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, Linked In etc.

Building or managing a profile on social media platforms like these does not cost you money. So, put in some sincere effort, take sincere interest in your contacts and spend time with your contacts to build credibility on the network. If you want to receive recommendations from someone else, also be ready to give recommendations.

Keep your profile up-to-date, participate in discussions, ask questions, answer questions and send notes to contacts. Do not try to oversell yourself. Don’t spam. Don’t gossip. Just be genuine.


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Why Do Mid-Career Pros Need Career Counseling?

So, you are not able to decide whether you should stay there or move on? You are unhappy and stuck at work, right? It means you need guidance. If you are stuck up in situations like these, you can always seek guidance from a career counselor. Today, you can find hundreds of free career tests and career assessment tools on the internet. A career counselor or free online career tests help you deal with important issues like career planning, career change, career shift and career development. These free tests will enable you to know your strengths and weaknesses. As a result, you will be able to make well-informed decisions about your job or career.

But, it is essential to listen to the signs –

Lack of clarity about work related issues
Dissatisfaction with the current job or career
Feeling of Frustration
Lack of Motivation
Workaholism which leads to imbalance between work and life

When should you head to the career counselor?

When you are stuck up at work
When a relationship saps your energies
When you face a dilemma while making important decisions
When you have a work-life imbalance
When you are dissatisfied with your work
When there is a sharp dip in effectivity at the workplace

How does the counselor help you resolve your career crisis?

Enables you approach a crisis with objectivity
Provides guidance so that individuals may resolve the career crisis themselves
Helps individuals discover their inner self
Helps individuals identify strengths

So, whenever you face situations like these, be ready to detect the signs and head to the career counselor if you can not handle or resolve the crisis yourself.

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10 Job Search Attitudes That Will Bring You More Interviews

No matter whether you are starting a fresh career or switching into a new career, given below are ten job search attitudes to get you more and more interviews. And remember these are not just feel-good quotes. So, read each of the job search attitudes carefully, adopt them and keep them repeating over and again.

Attitude # 1: Business firms and corporations hire without joy and fire without remorse.
Attitude # 2 : I will work for good pay, good benefits and good people.
Attitude # 3 : I will always work towards career advancement.
Attitude # 4 : My job search is a positive activity and it will always be the central part of my life.
Attitude # 5 : I will never stop looking for my next job again. (because your employer is always   looking for their next you.
Attitude # 6 : It is not disloyal to look for work when I already have a job.
Attitude # 7 : I have the ability to create an opportunity even when there isn’t an opening.
Attitude # 8 : I will be more successful if more people know about my job search.
Attitude # 9 : Helping others find work is a great way for me to my next work opportunity.
Attitude # 10 : I will search for jobs as if I don’t need one.

So, are you ready to adopt or develop these 10 job search attitudes?

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How to Go About Finding a New Job

Well, there’s no magical formula to finding jobs and getting hired. Job hunting requires a lot of effort and patience. You can enhance the chances of finding a new job when you have a job search strategy in place. The more time you spend on planning for job search, the better are your chances of getting it. But, the most important thing, after you have an action plan ready, is to stick to it and have patience. And remember the line – ‘I will persist until I find myself a new job.’

To help you find a new job, given below are some essential steps on how to go about finding it.

Assess Your Life & Career
Do you have your career goals clear in the mind? Are you able to figure out the balance between your life and your career? It is important to ask yourself questions like these and make an assessment of your life and career.

Set Job Search Goals
Where do you see yourself pursuing a career 6 months down the line or in the next 6 years? Conduct a research on job options and employers you are targeting. And remember to have realistic expectations while trying to find yourself a new job.

Expand Your Professional Network
Professional networking is an essential part of job hunting process. Understand the value of professional networking and how it helps people in finding jobs. Around 70%-80% people acquire jobs with the use of their network. Spend time and make sincere efforts to reconnect with and expand your network. Strengthen the network and try to build credibility.

Acquire New Skills
Continue acquire more knowledge and obtain new skill sets. Today, employers are looking for candidates with strong interpersonal and soft skills. Get yourself trained in written and verbal communication, team playing, problem solving, analytical skills etc.

Sharpen Your Interviewing Skills
Job hunters overlook this important part most of the times. While finding and applying for jobs, you need to practice for job interviews more and more. Before you land up at the employer’s, do some research about the whereabouts of the company and prepare accordingly. Select a faithful friend to practice interviewing. Keep on practicing until you become confident. Get ready with some intelligent questions to ask the interviewer as well.

Are You Marketable?
You may have great potential and talent. But having skilled is not enough alone. You should know how to market your skills to the employer. To successfully find a job, you should stand apart from the rest of the jobseekers applying for a specific job.

While trying to find a job, remember to follow the above mentioned steps and you are definitely going to find one for yourself. It is very essential to have a job hunting strategy in place so that you do not unnecessarily spend a long time on finding jobs get more career benefits.

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