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Speech Therapist Job Description

Also referred to as speech language pathologists, speech therapists work with patients who are suffering from speech and language disorders. Effective communication is an urgent requirement to achieve career success. That’s why there is a great demand for speech therapists who are employed in rehabilitation facilities, hospitals and schools among others. These professionals may also need to travel from one place to another, depending upon the requirement. Have a look at the job description for more information on this career.

Speech therapists are responsible for creating treatment plans according to the individual requirements of patients. They are trained to deal with a wide variety of language, speech and communication disorders. Speech therapy use different types of diagnostic tests and equipments to provide effective treatment to patients. Speech therapists also prescribe specific exercise to patients by which language and speech disorders can be treated.

Job Duties
Apart from working directly with patients, speech therapists also perform other important duties. They also keep and maintain the records of patients they work with. Apart from treating patients, therapists also counsel the patient’s family in order to help them deal with the frustration that such disorders bring with them. They also provide expert consultation to families for continuing speech therapy exercises at home.

Educational Requirements
If you are passionate about becoming a speech therapist, you should possess a master’s degree in speech language pathology or a relevant field. In addition, you will need to fulfill the licensing requirements. If you want to demonstrate your competency to employers, you can also go on to obtain the Certificate of Clinical Competence, provided by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. To obtain this credential, you will need a master’s degree from an accredited program, 400 hours of supervised clinical work experience, 36-week-long postgraduate fellowship and clearing the speech-language pathology Praxis test.

Annual Salary
The average annual salary of speech therapists ranges between $41,968 and $66,463. Salaries may vary depending on the type of industry and work experience. In January, 2010, speech therapists employed in the United States earned an average annual salary of around $63,600.

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How to Become a Chemist

The major responsibility of chemists is to conduct chemical researches, seek new information and develop a range of materials including drugs, adhesives, synthetic fibers, cosmetics, lubricants and paints among others. Right from food and medicine to computers and plastics, chemicals are used in almost everything we use in our daily life. Trained chemists are responsible for understanding the properties of all these chemicals and manipulate them.

Chemists are also involved in petrochemical processing and improved oil refining among others. They perform these tasks with a view to conserving energy and decrease pollution. Many of the professionals are involved in research and development work of chemicals. While conducting these researches, chemists study the composition and the properties of matter and the governing rules of the mixture of elements. One field of the research field is applied research where chemists are required to formulate new processes or make modifications to the existing ones.

To become a chemist, computer proficiency is also required. Computers are extensively used while performing experimental analysis, simulation and modeling. Very often, these professional choose to specialize in a particular field of their interest – analytical, macromolecular, medicinal, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, theoretical chemistry etc.

Educational Requirement & Training
The minimum requirement for entry level jobs is a bachelor’s degree in chemistry or a relevant field. Candidates who aspire to become a part of a research project should possess a master’s degree or a doctoral degree in chemistry. In addition to the degree, candidates also need to undertake courses in computer science and mathematics to make the most of their careers as a chemist. Today, there are numerous colleges and universities across the United States offering chemistry degree programs for aspiring candidates.

Career Prospects
According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment growth rate for chemists’ job is expected to grow as fast as the average of all occupations, increasing at the rate of 9% between the years 2006 and 2016. Job prospects will be quite good for chemists with an advanced degree and a few years of working experience. Employment opportunities will be created even as a large number of chemists reach the age of retirement or leave the field for their own reasons.

Annual Salary
The salary of chemists ranges between $41,053 and $51,288 annually. With a few years of working experience under the belt, chemists can earn around $57,000 annually or more. Salaries of professionals also vary depending on the geographical location.


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How to Become a Registered Nurse

It is interesting to note that registered nurses constitute the largest occupation in the healthcare industry. They occupy around 2.3 million jobs. Job opportunities for registered nurses are very good and more jobs will be added in this field over the next decade. The role of a registered nurse is that of a health educator for families, individuals and communities. Major job responsibilities include helping patients cope with illness and improve their lives, prevent diseases and promote health. [Highest Paying Nursing Careers]

Registered nurses or RNs perform their work abiding by the state rules and laws. However, their daily responsibilities are determined by their work setting. They provide direct patient care, observe patients, assess patient conditions, note the symptoms and also notice the progress in patients. Registered nurses can choose from diverse career possibilities.

Hospital Nurses
Office Nurses
Home Health Nurses
Public Health Nurses
Occupational Health Nurses
Head Nurses or Nurse Supervisors

Educational Requirement for Becoming a Registered Nurse
Candidates who want to become registered nurses should possess a bachelor’s degree in nursing, an associate degree in nursing or a diploma in nursing. A Bachelor of Science degree in nursing (BSN) is required to make a successful career in the field of nursing. There are several colleges and universities across the United States offering a bachelor’s degree, which takes 4 years to complete. An associate degree in nursing may take 2-3 years to complete. The associate degree is offered by numerous community colleges and junior colleges. Those who wish to obtain administrative positions should pursue a BSN or a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing.

Nursing education is comprised of both classroom teaching and supervised clinical experience. Candidates gain the clinical experience under the supervision of qualified and expert instructors in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Clinical experience can be gained in maternity, pediatrics, psychiatry, surgery etc.

Nursing Job Opportunities
According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment growth rate for registered nurses is expected to grow at a faster rate than the average of all professions, through to the year 2012. More job openings will be created as a major number of experienced nurses leave the occupation for their own reasons. As the total elderly population continues to grow, there remains a continuous requirement for nurses. There is no dearth of employment opportunities for registered nurses. They can land jobs in nursing care facilities, ambulatory clinics, home health agencies, physician’s clinics, hospitals, public health departments etc.

Annual Salary
The median annual salary of a registered nurse is around $48,090. The annual salary ranges between $40,140 and $57,490. Those employed in general medical and surgical hospitals earn the highest salary. The average salary for registered nurses working in nursing care facilities is around $43,850.


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How to Become a Physical Therapist

A greater job satisfaction and a strong job market make the job of a physical therapist one of the best career options. Unlike a physician, a physical therapist can spend a longer period with their patients. The therapist can actually track the health improvements of people. And it is always a joy to be a one-on-one fitness coach to people and see them improve their health. Physical therapists work in a variety of settings – they can work in hospitals, nursing homes, physical therapist clinics, and physician’s office or in a patient’s home. Therapists usually work standard hours. Instead of the fact that lower-cost physical therapy assistants are available, physical therapists have a strong job market and good employment opportunities awaiting them.

Though the physical therapist’s can be a quite profitable one, it also happens to be challenging. First of all it is not a desk and you will be on your toes most of the time. Sometimes, slow progress in patients can make you face some burnout situations. Patients also may get very frustrated when they see little or no improvement in their health conditions. Responsibilities lie with the physical therapist as to how well they handle the situations.

Educational Requirement/ Training in Physical Therapy
A bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in physical therapy is required to function as physical therapists. However, a three-year doctor of physical degree has now become the standard requirement to have a successful career. A doctorate degree helps candidates in the advancement of their careers. Before candidates (in United States) get enrolled in physical therapy degree programs, they should remember to ensure that the training program has the accreditations of the American Physical Therapy Association.

Popular Physical Therapy Schools in United States
The United States has a number of physical therapy schools and universities that offer American Physical Therapy Association accredited master’s and doctoral degree programs. Some of these schools are as follows –

Albama State University
University of South Albama
Northern Arizona University
Arkansas State University
University of Central Arkansas
California State University
Chapman University
University of Connecticut
University of Hartford
Florida International University
University of Miami
Georgia State University

Job Outlook & Physical Therapist’s Salary
There is no dearth of jobs and employment opportunities for physical therapists. The employment growth rate for professionals is expected to grow faster, as more and more people need therapist’s services. More job positions will be available over the next decade. Physical therapists will be providing their services in different field of activities where people suffer receive injuries. Physical therapists may also choose to specialize in areas like cardiovascular, orthopedic, geriatric, pulmonary rehabilitation etc. The annual salary of these professionals varies between the range of $66,000 and $84,800.


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