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How to Become a Bridal Consultant

  If you have a strong passion for making a couple’s wedding day really memorable,   you can consider becoming a bridal consultant. But you won’t become a bridal or wedding consultant only because you have a keen interest in this area of work. You’ll also need to have excellent business skills to plan wedding events efficiently.

Given below are some key steps you can follow to become a bridal consultant and earn a good income out of this fulfilling career.

Make Sure You Have an Eye for Fashion
Well, this is the basic requirement if you want to become a bridal consultant. To become successful with this career, you need to have a strong knowledge about fashion. You should have a keen interest about keeping yourself up-to-date on the latest trends in fashion.

Complete a Course
Since strong communication and organizational skills are key to being successful as a bridal consultant, you need to get yourself educated and trained. There are various colleges and schools that offer bridal or wedding consultant courses. Choose an appropriate school according to your specific requirements. Courses in bridal consultant include topics like financial management, event management, communication, conflict management etc.

Decide Where You Want to Work
After completing your course, it’s time to get started with your job search. Prepare a list of your targeted employers. Check out bridal salons which are located in close vicinity and find out about their recruitment procedure. Try to make yourself aware of the whereabouts of the salons where you will be applying for a bridal consultant job position.

There are multiple places where bridal consultants can work. If you are well trained, you can land jobs with wedding planning agencies, video companies, photo companies, catering companies etc.

Create a Professional Resume
Before applying for a job position as a bridal consultant, you should make sure your resume is in good shape. Your resume should reflect really well the level of talent and skills you posses. You may lose a potential job opportunity if your resume doesn’t speak well of your skills. So, spend some time creating a resume which immediately impresses the employer.

Practice Interviewing
Don’t attend an interview without some advance preparation. Practice the skills with a friend you trust. Perfect the areas where you are weak. When you are really confident responding to the interviewer’s questions, you should be ready to face the employer or the hiring manager.

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Fashion Photographer Career Profile

Being a very profitable and glamorous profession, fashion photography attracts a lot of people who aspire to choose this profession as a career. While working as a fashion photographer, you will be traveling from one place to another in search of scenic locations for shooting. If you have a strong passion for photography and the glamour of the fashion industry excites you, becoming a fashion photographer can just be the right career option for you. Excellent compensation, glamour of the fashion industry and a desire to make your mark in the industry definitely attracts people to this profession. However, the job of a fashion photographer is quite challenging as well.

Job Description
Choosing a career as a fashion photographer provides you an excellent opportunity to work with models and celebrities. There is also the opportunity of posting your work in fashion magazines, fashion calendars and other publications. The photographs that you take will be used across a range of platforms including magazines, websites, print ads, fashion houses etc. You will be able to make your mark in the fashion industry only by having your own individual style and concept.

Photographers need to understand the specific requirements of clients. Good knowledge of studio lighting, camera functioning and photo setting are essential to become a successful fashion photographer. Since you will be working with models and celebrities, you also need to possess excellent relationship skills. It is essential to make models comfortable for getting best results. Photographers will be traveling to different locations for photo shoot. They should know how to work well with varied light conditions.

Fashion photographers work closely with professionals like art directors, fashion stylists and fashion editors among others. Wherever you work, you should be able to maintain a relaxing and professional atmosphere to give quality output. You can only create impressive work by sharing a great rapport with models and celebrities. In addition, you also need to boost the confidence of models during photo shoots.

Training & Educational Requirements
Though a degree is not necessarily required to become a fashion photographer, having a bachelor’s degree in fashion photography will enable you to establish a successful career in the world of fashion. Most of the photographers lean the skills through apprenticeships. Those to aspire to make a career as a fashion photographer need to create an impressive portfolio to present it to editors. Becoming an apprentice of a celebrated photographer can help you learn the skills of the trade and lead you towards career success.

Besides being trained in fashion photography, you will also need to possess some other essential skills. Some of these skills include an eye for artistic detail, knowledge of photo editing software, good communication skills and excellent relationship skills among others.

Career Outlook & Salary
Though candidates may need to face tough competition, there will be no dearth of employment opportunities for trained photographers. According to United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment growth rate for fashion photographers will increase at 17% through to 2014. For top level job positions, fashion photographers are offered an annual salary of around $50,000. With growing skills, credibility and name, the annual salary can go beyond $100,000.

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