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5 Best Jobs for College Students

Campus-based Jobs
For the college students it is not easy to know about the professional world, while maintaining their grades at the same time. The job hunting process can be an easy task for those who are working in a career. It also makes the situation more familiar while talking with the employers. The on-campus services jobs are one among the best jobs for the college students.

Looking for more part time jobs for college students?
Waiter or waitress Jobs
College students can also start working as a waiter or waitress in restaurants and hotels. Many college students work as a waiter or waitress in their spare time. It is an honest job students should not turn their nose doing this work. You can earn a good amount of money along with continuing your study in colleges. You can often come at the job in your off time. These kinds of job opportunities also help to gather the experience of the real world.

Laboratory Assistant Jobs
Lab assistant jobs also prove to be great alternatives for college students. The lab assistant jobs are part time in nature. The position of a lab assistant needs only a high school degree. Many colleges often hire lab assistants in campus research labs. The experience can be more attracting to employers.

Tutoring Jobs
If you are an expert in certain subjects or have the command on those subjects you like the most tutoring is the best way to earn part time income. You can share your knowledge with your fellows or others pursuing study in the same college. It also chances you to join your college official program. All though students can raise or asks bothering question to you. The hours are not fixed, and it is not that the tutor works hours and hours every week. Comparatively the salary of the tutor often gets up-down from 15-30 dollar an hour.

Bank teller Jobs
A college student can also find a job in banks for the position of bank tellers. There are banks which offer bank teller jobs. At least 1 in 4 tellers work part time. So there is flexibility of jobs for the students in banks too. This work makes you habitual and familiar with customers. You will earn money along with gathering great experience on how to communicate with the customers easily. Sometimes students who are interested in working in the financial industry get their feet wet as tellers.

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College Students and Homesickness

Starting your freshman year of college brings you many new experiences. Some of these experiences can be really exciting while others may worry you a little. One such issue is living away from home. There are many students who suffer from homesickness. That does not mean you should leave college and head towards home. You are attending college to pursue your dream career. And you need to go on with your college study. Don’t worry if you feel homesick while in college. Given below are some important ideas and tips to help college students deal with homesickness.

Admit that Your are Homesick
Many students may not like the idea of allowing themselves to feel homesick. Well, there’s nothing wrong with feeling homesick. It is normal and it happens to most of us. Therefore, you need to understand that this is a normal feeling. Just prepare yourself to deal with the issue.

Keep Yourself Busy
Embracing the college life will keep you busy. There are plenty of activities going on in the college campus. Participate in these activities so that you miss home less. You can also look out for student activities that attract your attention most and get involved.

Make New Friends
Getting involved in campus activities is a great way to introduce yourself to new people. If you don’t want to feel lonely, get to know as many people as possible. Making new friends will help you miss home less. Spending time with friends is very useful to deal with the problem of homesickness.

Know College Roommate Etiquette
While you are starting your freshman year in college, it is also important that you know the etiquettes to get off to a good start with your roommate. That doesn’t mean you need to make your roommate your best friend. However, you can learn the tips to lead a happy life with your roommate.

Communicate with Your Family (in Moderation)
Just because you are in college does not mean you should be completely out of touch with your family. Communicate with you family and share your college experiences. However, remember to communicate in moderation. Being in touch with your family will make you feel good.

Get in Touch with a Counselor (if required)
If homesickness becomes really a serious issue, you can also benefit from mental health facilities available in college campuses. Since homesickness is a common problem, mental health counselors know how to deal with the problem. They can really help you out of the situation.

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Five Most Common Mistakes That College Applicants Make

College applicants make a lot of mistakes. Most of these mistakes are quite common. Talk to a director of admission at a university and they will be able to tell you about the mistakes most of the applicants make. To save you the effort of getting in touch with an admission director, given below are some of the most common mistakes made by college mistakes.

Read on to know whether you too are making the same mistakes while applying to a college for admission.

1. Missing Deadlines
There’s no doubt that the entire college admission process with packed with various deadlines, each of which is equally important. To get success, applicants will need to remember all the dates associated with the admission process. Some of the most important college admission deadlines include application deadlines, early decision deadlines, institutional financial aid deadlines, federal financial support deadlines, scholarship deadlines and state financial deadlines among others.

2. Using a Wrong College Name in the Application Essay
The reason most of the applicants make this mistake is that they write one admission essay and use it to send to all colleges they have targeted. They just replace the college name while sending the essay to a new college of their choice. Just think, what bad impression it can make if a college receives an essay with a wrong college name. It can instantly send your application in the rejection pile. Always take your time to go through each of the application essays one by one.

3. Applying to College Online (Without informing School Counselors)
Many candidates send in their applications online. They use various online services to complete the task online. The mistake they make while submitting the college application online is that they do not their high school guidance counselors. If guidance counselors are not well informed, it can lead to a delay in mailing of high school transcript and delay in sending recommendation letters. In case the guidance counselors are unable to follow with the college your application might just end up being incomplete.

4. Waiting until the Last Minute to Ask for the Letters of Recommendation
This is yet another most common blunder that applicants make. There’s no pint in waiting too long to ask for the recommendation letters. If you are really keen on getting good letters of recommendation, you should get in touch with the person well in advance and ask them about it. It will take time to identify teachers and get the letter written from them.

5. Applying through Early Decision (when It’s not Right to Do so)
While applying through early decision, students need to sign a contract that they have applied to only one college early. There are many colleges that share their list of Early Decision applicants to cross-check. If them find you have applied to several schools through Early Decision, they will immediately remove you from the pool of applicants. So, make the decision carefully!

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5 Important Career Tips for New College Students

Whether you have just entered college or are returning for the sophomore year, it is not too soon to work towards your career planning. In fact, it is just the right time to think about what you want to do and how you want to perform when you join work in the real world. If you have a clear vision about your future goals, it will be easy for you to plan out your career work towards making it better in the near future. If you plan out your career in advance, you will know what you should study in college and what extracurricular or volunteering activities you should get involved in.

Given below are top five career tips to help college students achieve their future goals –

1. Join in Campus Activities
A lot of big events and campus activities take place at the beginning of the school year. So, when you get on campus, you should be ready to get involved campus activities without any delay. Of course, there will be a range of activities taking place. Find out what attracts your interest. For instance, if your interest lies in a communication career you join the campus newspaper or the campus radio station department. A lot of other options will be available for you to choose from.

2. Benefit from Your College’s Career Guidance Center
According to a recent study, it has come to light that students who take help from their college career centers are three times more likely to get hired after they complete their graduation. Career guidance centre are an amazing resource to help plan out your career and land a job of your interest. These career centers also offer personality and career tests for students decide what they want to do in their lives.

3. Build Contact with Your Professors
Most of the college students miss the golden opportunity of getting to know their professors. Establishing contact with your professors can benefit you in a number of ways. Professors are really influential people. They have a lot of contacts. Getting to know your professors and building contact with them can help you in career planning as well as providing you with excellent career opportunities. Try to spend time with your professors and pay heed to their advice and guidance.

4. Be an Intern & Participate in Volunteering Programs
Internships are an excellent you to get yourself ready to face the real world. Most of the colleges offer formal internship programs that students can complete to earn academic credit and prepare themselves for a real job. In addition to completing these internships, college students can also look for volunteering opportunities offered nearby. There are multiple benefits of volunteering. These experiences will add a lot of weight to your resumes and attract the employers’ attention.

5. Explore Lots of Options
Many times students enter a major which they ultimately find not to their interest and enter another field. What you are actually interested will become evident only when you ready to explore as many options as possible. While exploring multiple options, you may soon discover where your interest actually lies. Therefore, college students should be advised that they keep an open mind.


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